Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dave the Chameleon

Whilst on the subject of the folks at Backing Blair, praises be upon them, I was tooling around their site and came across their version of the Dave the Chameleon video...

Dave the Chameleon

I prefer their version a lot more than the original.

I’d be the last person the sing the praises of New Conservative leader ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron but Labour’s Dave the Chameleon negative campaigning project is a particularly woeful enterprise.

They’ve set him up his own web page with a blog and everything...

Dave the Chameleon’s Blog

Even if you didn’t know New Labour was behind Dave’s blog you could tell straight away by the absence of a comment option.

The fact that it is excrutiatingly unfunny and a significant distance up its on arse is also a major ‘tell’

Anyway, I’ll have to leave my Dave the Chameleon blog comment here instead

‘Dear Dave (and Friends). Great blog. This is your best ever stunt since you started pretending to be ordinary members of the public and wrote all those letters to newspapers, phoned radio chat shows and posted blog comments saying how great the New Labour government was. For your next trick why don’t you just crawl back into your hole and FUCKING DIE!!! you slimy deceitful humourless douche bag. Big kisses, love Stef’

There, I feel better now.

Presumably, Dave the Embarrassingly Unfunny Chameleon and his blog will be allowed to just die quietly one day when no one is looking and the New Labour spin team can back to what they’re good at, telling straight lies


Postman said...

A contest elided over by the spin meisters of very late night and very early morning TV was Rochdale. Last year the 9 Tories formed the FIRST and ONLY Labour / Conservative alliance.

The election resulted 30 Lib Dem, 20 Lab and 10 Cons.

AS they say in Rochdale Vote Blue get Red or more basically "Support Labour vote Conservative".

Now the leavers of power have slipped from their sweaty grasp the chameleons can either change colour collectivelt or have a reptilian Damascene conversion singly and slide along the bench to grab a committee chairmanship or three to put the Liberals back in.

Political whoring is well known in theis town, Big Cyril Smith was a Labour Mayor, chucked out he tried the Tories who poltiely declined and he joined the Liberals. So I guess it's off with the rouge and the gaudy lipsticj and slap on the orange sunset tan and pledge allegiance to the party of drunks, poofters and copropholists.

Mind you partnering the Labour council for a year they have learnt to eat shit.

Watch this space.

Daniel said...

'Get Killed' Dave.

I can't work out how to leave this message on his shitfest of a site so I'll leave it here.