Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Riviera Gigolo now available on ebay

Fans of Alistair Campell, the Riviera Gigolo who started his journalistic career writing softcore porn for Penthouse before eventually becoming Tony Blair’s uber spin doctor; producing hardcore porn for Downing Street, including the occasional dodgy intelligence dossier, will want to grab this opportunity to bid for his contact details on Ebay…

Alastair Campbell's phone and fax numbers

Here it is, folks... your chance to hire a PR guru

Per the item description…

The item you are buying is a partial scan of documents #HO5/HO6 from the Labour Party 2004/5 General Election Campaign Return (in JPEG format) that contain the work phone and fax numbers of that famous and popular public relations consultant Alastair Campbell. This information is in the public domain, but is very hard to come by.

After you have made your purchase, a copy of the relevant file will be sent to you via email.

Please note that your purchase does not in any way cover any part of Alastair Campbell's service fees; it is merely an opportunity to contact this much sought-after professional for the purpose of proposed employment (and/or to seek his signature on a suitable item for the charity auction of your choice).

Please also be aware that we have - to the best of our ability - confirmed the validity/accuracy of these numbers, but Mr Campbell may at any time decide to screen his calls or change his number(s) if he feels he is receiving too many job offers.

And, yes, this is arguably just a childish schoolboy prank but, as I recall, childish schoolboy pranks used to drive 'Teacher' up the wall

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