Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Plausible Truth

Hats off to BBC’s Newsnight last night.

The production team managed to cram in no less than three separate 9/11 stories.

  • A report on Osama Bin Laden’s latest taped message
  • An Interview with Flight 93’s director Paul Greengrass
  • Nomination of a 9/11 newspaper headline for their Most Memorable Front Page of the Last 100 Years contest

Sooner or later they’re going to have to rename it 9/11night. It’s almost as if somebody is, desperately, trying to remind us of what happened.

As 9/11 scepticism grows and gets ever-nearer to breaking into the mainstream the more those media bitches whine.


The interview with Greengrass turned particularly surreal at one point when the interviewer quoted Greengrass’ stated aim of presenting a ‘plausible truth’ of what happened to Flight 93.

WTF is a plausible truth when it’s at home?

I’m guessing that it’s the kind of truth that discounts…

And all the rest

My personal favourite Flight 93 anomaly is the transcript of this line of dialogue from one of passengers supposedly calling from the plane…

"Mom? This is Mark Brigham."



And these Osama tapes are starting to wear a little thin now.

I am particularly impressed by the way our mainstream media, normally so scornful of the Internet, merrily trots out reports of these OBL tapes and videos tout suite, without even waiting for them to be verified as genuine first.

A truly heart-warming display of trust, particularly when there are loads of experts out there who believe that every supposed OBL tape since 2001 is a fake.

Now what sort of naughty person would want to fake Bin Laden tapes? And why?

My favourite is the one OBL released the day before the last US Presidential election. George Bush must have been gutted when he heard about that.


Amusing as all this bollocks may be, a couple of thoughts worry me. The first is that a lot of people died on 9/11 and since. The second is, if you’re as sceptical about the War on Terror as I am and you’re thinking that the old propaganda just isn’t so effective any more, you’ve just got to start worrying that someone somewhere is going to have to start blowing some more shit up to slap us all back into line

Neither of those thoughts is particularly funny.


Wolfie said...

Those OBL tapes are getting quite potty. My favourite was his previous tape to this latest one which seemed like a "free beer on Sundays" manifesto; it was so daft it defied all reason (as well as contradicted previous material). Whoever is manufacturing these must think we are all stupid.

Anonymous said...

I saw the same Newsnight show. The 'Greengrass' (not from Heartbeat) interview was weird. Throughout the interview I was wondering about WW2 propaganda films; that is, whether or not this was how they ended up being made. I didn't watch it all the way through as I felt embarrassed for him - a bit like watching a spastic trying to eat in a public place. At first it's compelling but this quickly becomes embarrassing and makes you feel foolish for continuing to look on.

I don't intend to watch / buy anything that Greengrass has touched.

ps did you see Kirsty-the-scruff going into Italian Fashion houses dressed like some sort of bag woman. It took me two hours to get to sleep after seeing the farce 'cos I kept bursting into laughter. Whoever thought of sending her to do a programme like that must have a sense of humour - it was just so Joe Orton. Brilliant. The ignorant sweaty sock would never get it in a million years.

Anonymous said...

Subsequent to your posting the 'winner' of the competition was announced last night. The most important headline of the last one hundred years was the communist burning of the Reichstag aka the 9/11 attack.

The competition was obviously rigged. Prior to the winner been announced Kelvin McKenzie (former editor of the Sun) was interviewed. He was asked about his favourite headline; he gave a number of his own (eg would the last person to leave the country turn out the light) and was asked about a headline 'he'd chosen' from the Independent. "What? That one a Newsnight researcher gave me?" He ignored the frame and suggested another headline and picture (funeral showing three generations and the passing of a fourth).

Further into the programme, Kirsty-the-scruff, immediately after been dragged through a few hedges, was walking around Cannes. The joke is in the juxtaposition. Kirsty/Cannes, Cannes/Kirsty. Not as funny as Kirsty in the Italian fashion houses but still funny ...

Stef said...

I bet you're a big Newsnight Review fan aren't you?

...the funniest thing on tele

It just like one long Monty Python sketch, week after week

Anonymous said...

Forget Newsnight review; check out (wanker) Andrew Neil's show with Abbott and Portillo. Why do the two fat pigs have to sit on the same sofa and stare so intently at one another?