Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Honeypots at the Pentagon

Has everyone seen the new Pentagon footage from 9/11 yet?

The original video can be found here and an animated gif of the best bits (ie four frames) here

Rubbish isn’t it?

Yet, somehow, the likes of the BBC, CNN and Fox seem pretty confident that this puts a stake through the heart of 9/11 conspiracy theories once and for all

Which is kind of hard to accept unless you’re willing to believe that a man who washed out of a basic Cesna pilot’s course was able to fly a Boeing 757 two feet off the ground at 300mph and apparently operate some kind of rudimentary Star Trek style cloaking device at the same time.


Actually, I have no trouble accepting that Flight 77 may have hit the Pentagon as claimed. If for no other reason than I have heard no reasonable explanation as to why the supposed conspirators would have decided to swap it for a missile or drone.

I am a Flight 77 agnostic.

I do have an a strong opinion regarding the many people chattering away on the Internet who buy into the No Plane Hit the Pentagon conspiracy theory, big time.

One of these days some non crap footage of a Boeing 757 hitting the Pentagon, as described by official accounts, may very well appear.

There are plenty of other, sounder, reasons to be super sceptical about what really happened on 9/11. Off the top of my head…

  • the collapse of WTC7
  • the stand down of the US air defence
  • the short sales of airline stocks
  • the suppressed testimony of firemen talking about secondary explosions within the Twin Towers
  • magic cell phones that work at 30,000ft travelling at 400mph
  • George Bush’s bizarre behaviour on the day

and many, many more

Amongst the veritable plethora of unanswered questions about that day the question of whether or not a plane hit the Pentagon is one of the shakiest on which to build a case.

If I were a professional 9/11 Conspiricist I wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole. That is unless the US Government insists on producing even more shonky footage.

The release of the new Pentagon video has relevance to an issue much nearer to home.

I haven’t blogged yet on the Official Narrative of the 7/7 bombings that was published last week, though plenty of others have. Suffice to say for now that it’s patent bollocks and the reluctance of our government to release any of the supposedly copious video footage of 7/7 strongly parallels the withholding of 9/11 footage.

The lesson to be learned from the shakiness of the No Plane Hit the Pentagon story is that people who smell a rat with regard to 7/7 would be well advised not to invest all their efforts and credibility on ‘honey pot’ issues that could blow up in their faces. I have a few examples in mind but... another time.


Brainy Blonde said...

i don't see any plane in the footage. hard to believe there was one -let alone some terrorist flyi
ng it.

Wolfie said...

On the same page as you on this. Its a bit wacky to insist no plane hit the pentagon as there were reliable witnesses however there are still many things that defy logic in this story. All of the main ones you have listed.

Still don't see anything in the video though, maybe the one the FBI took from the petrol station opposite is better? Still, as you say how the hell did a useless pilot fly so damn well?

The Antagonist said...

Minor point, but if you were going to try and convince anyone that a plane hit the Pentacle, wouldn't it make sense to release a video that actually has a plane in it?

Wolfie said...

I found this :

I think that says it all.

Stef said...

According to the BBC's Newsnight daily email ...

Conspiracy theories

And the blogs are alive with conspiracy theories after the America
Government released footage of the 9/11 strike on the Pentagon. Where
was the picture of the plane? Mark Urban explains all.

Jeremy Paxman will compere tonight's programme so don't forget to join
us at 10.30 tonight.

Oooh, can't wait...

Stef said...

Re. Pentacle

Favourite (annotated) aerial views of DC here



Bridget Dunne said...

Hi Stef

I can't wait to read your comments on the 'official report' into July 7th. It strikes me that it raises more questions than it answers. After 10 months they have not even forensically identified the exlosives used other than 'home-made' and 'expert examination continues'.

Just on a cursory compare and contrast with the 'no-bombs' bombers from 21/7,

7/7 - 56 people died. They acted 'alone' no one else is implicated or arrested hence no trial. Only one image released of the 4 over 30 miles from London.

21/7 - 0 people died. Over 20 people arrested and await trial. Images from trains, subways and buses released.

Strange innit?

peterpowers said...

I disagree with the analysis Stef, particularly over 7/7, people need to keep shouting the accused were framed so the government is forced to provide evidence, much like with the Pentagon, people kept saying there was no plane so the government had to prove them wrong.
The recent 9/11 footage has done the opposite.

Stef said...


Then, in that case, I have failed to explain myself clearly

People most definitely DO need to keep shouting. What they mustn't do is get drawn into concetrating on specific issues of the government/ media's chooosing

I'll do a quick post now to clarify that point

The Antagonist said...

How about something a bit closer to home?

1. Regent's Park, complete with inner and outer circles, the former of which is accessed via a very particular path

2. the rather spectacular Primrose Hill pentagon within a pentacle within a pentagon, complete with a young person's play area in the base - as if they would overlook that small detail - and, last but not least

3. London's very own pyramid of power 'seal', complete with one good eye and a 'jolly roger' flying at full mast.

The grand architect has been very busy indeed for what would appear to be a not inconsiderable amount of time.

Stef said...


Good ones. I'm particularly chuffed with the Jolly Roger

A couple of years ago I started a page on not so hidden London Geometry here

It's not that well written but IMHO the material is sound

Methinks I should dust it off

Wolfie said...

I'm disappointed that your "Unified Conspiracy Theory" page is not available, I suspect a conspiracy.

Good analysis on the architecture. My Father was a senior mason and master of that very lodge in his lifetime, as well as a structural engineer, he was always on about this stuff. Shame I never really listened to him on this subject; well I was too young.