Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just think about the mortgage

I’m just blogamental at the moment but there’s just so much primo material out there. I could do another thirty posts before breakfast if I wasn’t quite so peckish.

Take the story about Cherie Blair autographing a copy of the Hutton Report for a Labour charity fundraiser for example. I would be hard put to write anything that added to what has already been said but someone did a spoof Sun front page that would be criminal not to share…

and then there’s the news that Brian Haw’s protest display was bundled up, thrown into a container and carted away at 2.30am in the morning by 50 policemen, who thoughtfully took the time to point the Westminister Square traffic camera in the opposite direction before getting stuck into the business in hand.

A worrying story, no doubt, but it did result in a series of excellent pictures that can be seen at the UK Indymedia site here

which in turn resulted in this fine piece of work from Bloggerheads

Truly, we live in marvellous times


Anonymous said...

Haw is mentally ill

Stef said...

That may be the case


To my knowledge he has not committed this country to any wars based on, er, 'flawed' intelligence

Nor is he so far removed from reality to think that auctioning a signed report into someone's alleged suicide is suitable fund-raising material