Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Edible synchronisms

A few days ago I was chatting on-line with a friend about, as I do, Jungian archetypes in the context of some of the symbolism used in Western architecture.

I look at a structure like this

and I interpret it as a large stone phallus capped with a 220 ton pentagram, erected to convey a specific message in accordance with a very specific belief system. My friend looks at it as an archetype with no specific message.

But that’s not important right now.

Jung is particularly well-known because of his writings on the concept of synchronicity. Whilst I appreciate that I may be suffering from a mild dose of apophenia, I have to admit that I buy into the synchronicity idea.

And after chatting about Jung a few days ago I have been delighted by a series of apparent synchronisms. Trivial synchronisms admittedly but they are often the most entertaining. A couple of examples...

Take the picture of the panda-shaped spam I posted earlier. I was cruising Google for pictures of mortadella (long story) a few days ago and came across the panda image. I paused my search for a while to catch up with my inbox. The first mail I opened was a link someone had sent me to a short film entitled – ‘They’re made out of meat’.

Good one

But not a clincher

Yesterday, after I had got chatting with someone about how much I loved Colorado I uploaded a few scans of some slides I took there twenty years ago

Just as I had uploaded the last jpg my other half returned home after a short trip to Berlin. We said hello and then she started showing me some of the things she’d picked up for me on her travels. The first thing out of the bag was this…

and, no, she hadn't noticed the name when she bought them

Now come on, spooky or what?

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