Wednesday, April 08, 2009

We are Legion

Good news!

The Daily Telegraph online is now completely infested and over-run by Conspiraloons!

Take the readers' comments underneath this current article for example...

The article poses the question..

"Let's assume for a moment that we are in the protean stages of a new world currency; that the G20's moves this time last week are laying the ground for its special drawing rights to replace the dollar as the international reserve currency. On that basis which of these two scenarios would you feel more uncomfortable with:

1. That a shadowy sect of global leaders are conspiring together to set up this new world currency; or that,

2. Instead, clueless politicians are sleepwalking into this, not knowing precisely what they are doing..."

...and surprise, surfuckingprise, the journowhore applies
Hanlon's Razor and concludes that cock-up not conspiracy, once again, is at work

The readers, on the other hand, have reached a contradictory and somewhat robustly expressed conclusion and I recommend browsing through the two pages of comments here and here...

"Of course the Bilderberg group is just a harmless collection of influential politicians and global bankers who like to meet up for Fairtrade coffee and a game of Scrabble isn't it? Isn't it?"

"watch out for the Freemasons.
You're just the kind of chap they'd like to get their hands on.
Mind how you go"

"They would love a one-world currency, but how do they get there? And is there one central bank that controls the others? Well, we are not privy to these secret dealings and if you were, well, they’d have to kill you."

"At school in the UK we are taught to not think. Independent thinking is dangerous and most people you know with this trait are punished fairly quickly in our country."

"Conspiracy does not preclude cock-up. It's a false dichotomy."

"As soon as the capstone of the NWO is hastily put in place (I say 'hastily' as they are now in a panic) it will begin to collapse. I give it no longer than the third Reich. So millions will die. What's new. But there will be vengeance as never before seen ... We don't care. You cannot wipe us all out as we are legion. You, too, are on a list. You are on our lists, you bankers and politicians, you corporate journalists, you Con Coughlins and Dominic Lawsons. You members of Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the UN, Nato, you MEPs, you Common Purpose traitors - you are all known; and when we at last come for you, 1789 will look like a fecking tea-party."

now there's a cheery thought



paul said...

While it ignores the fact that the people who matter might not want them, taleb's ft piece is rather good

Anti_NWO said...

Didn't the FT run an article on a unified currency decades before the Euro arrived?

paul said...

1789, was that France?

Stef said...

1789, was that France?

well, yes

though, of course, there are some High Order Loons who believe that was an Illuminati plot too

Tom said...

It did involve a lot of secret societies and goddess rituals...

Stef said...

the five pointed stars and depictions of 'Lady Liberty (aka Isis) did get about a bit in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, that's for sure

see also this and this

History's a funny old thing...

Stef said...

"taleb's ft piece is rather good"

yes it is

when he's not too busy self-publicising or blowing the 'shit just happens' trumpet Mr T does have some interesting things to say

paul said...

when he's not too busy self-publicising or blowing the 'shit just happens' trumpet Mr T does have some interesting things to say
Well, I think you know I consider the black swan idea to be largely shite
But the conspiracode demands credit where it is due

Black Swan said...

This bloke gives us lot a bad name. I was flying over the M9 the other week and I suddenly thought to myself, I'm sick of being linked with financial meltdown and bizarre events of any sort. I'd even stick my neck out and say this guy better beak areful. If you fly with the crows, you get shot with the crows.

wv: fishersa

White Swan said...

at least he hasn't sat on you

Stef said...

as it happens, Christchurch, NZ is full of black swans

and as I sat in the botancial gardens pondering upon a small gang of Black Swans doing their thing a very obvious thought dawned on me

once black swans were discovered they were preferentially bred for their novelty value

what was once naturally rare became commonplace through deliberate design

paul said...

I identify with the kakapo

Does NZ share the same bitter north/south divide as everywhere else?

Stef said...

Personally, I identify with the Kea

The cheeky green bastard

I wouldn't describe the NZ North/ South divide as bitter but let's just say both populations are happy where they are

I've also learned that referring to South Island as The Mainland is an excellent way to earn yourself free drink

Well, on South Island anyway

Stef said...

... someone told me a story about keas which may or may not be apochraphyl

a few years ago a couple of climbers parked their 4x4 up in the mountains in South Island and foolishly left some food on open display on the back seat

they came back at the end of the day to discover that some keas had pecked the rubber seal around the car's windscreen until the glass had fallen onto the front seat

after which they had lunch

Stef said...

NZ is a excellent place for checking birds out - especially as so many of them don't enjoy flying very much

The temptation to point out that NZ's flightless birds didn't so much evolve into flying birds as die in huge numbers when their environment changed is strong, but one extended debate thread is enough for one week

Tom said...

There are at least four Black Swans in residence at The University of York. The university has a large artificial lake on campus with many species of wildfowl. They are known for their unusual coloration and, sometimes, aggressive behaviour towards students.

Fears have been expressed that within four years the incomers may have taken over the University completely, and be offering courses in a wide range of statistical studies.

paul said...

Aggressive towards students, perhaps they could join the police.

Kea are legendary for their intelligence and curiosity, both vital to their survival in a harsh mountain environment. Kea can solve logical puzzles, such as pushing and pulling things in a certain order to get to food, and will work together to achieve a certain objective

Maybe not

Anti_NWO said...

It seems the Social Darwinists are out in force on the BBC. Even David Attenborough is in on the act. One wonders if he engages in gaia worship. Interestingt that he is a member of the Optimum Population Trust (how disgraceful that we have "charities" of this nature).

Stef said...


what a very lovely man Sir David is

I was chatting with a few folk about this yesterday

There's no getting away from the fact that the 'Surplus' Population meme is being brought back on the agenda and shoved into 'popular' culture

and a whole load of references to some kind of mass die off/ viral outbreak

Of course, as well as giving Gaia a well-deserved break, a mass cull would help reset kleptocrapitalism back to a stage that's sustainable/ manageable for another couple of centuries

all things considered, not a bad time to be stocking up on Tea Tree oil and Vitamin D

Anti_NWO said...

Pfft, two children? I was planning on about four. Sod these gaia worshipping tosspots...