Friday, April 10, 2009

Now there's a surprise...

IPCC: CCTV wasn't working

and without wishing to reactivate a discussion which has already run its course, a quick glance at some of the more recent comments under Craig Murray's post on the subject of the Ian Tomlinson killing is one of many little signs that consciousness about the weaknesses of the official 7/7 narrative is on the up

Many people expressing scepticism about the official narrative are learning to express that scepticism in an intelligent, measured way - not pretending to have any definitive answers themselves and maintaining their emphasis on the weaknesses of the official account. That old Loontrap 'How do you think it was done then?' don't work as well as it used to

That we 'conspiracy theorists' (well, the sensible not neo Nazi ones anyway) are steadily winning the argument I have no doubt

Whether we are winning people over fast enough or not to make a difference before something really big and nasty is done I'm a little less confident



Merkin said...

Spot on , big man.

In fact, you were one of the prescient ones who have helped to make people take a different view.

Spoke, yesterday, with my sister 'Jean Brodie' - almost dominie/dominatrix? at a private school.

She told me that the staff are now regularly listening to Conspiraloon TM voicings as they appear to be 'right on the mark'.

If these people are listening, we are a good step further on.

lwtc247 said...

Its effing disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

wait, so were there no cameras at that location, or were they not working? which is it?

the story you screencapped claims the ipcc confirmed hardwick's comment, but if you actually read the damn thing, they actually contradicted it.

british media certainly does fall over itself in eagerness sometimes doesn't it. shameful.

gyg3s said...

I wonder what the information commissioner will make of Are CCTV images electronic communications?

He acknowledged receipt of my letter yesterday.

Parabellum said...

All this talk how real people are fucked in the posteriors makes me dizzy. Can we talk about important conspiracies please?

I could observe this "CCTV only works while it can be used against you" phenomenon quite recently myself. In the town I live, we have a subway, and that subway has old and new subway cars. All (old and new) have CCTV cameras on board (yes, there is money to equip old trains with CCTV), but the old ones have a "simpler" door opening mechanism (there is no money to bring the old cars up to date in this aspect). So the doors on old cars are sometimes released (one can hear a distinct sound) while the train still moves - one can then pull the door open oneself. So I witnessed how a woman (with toddler in stroller), her back to the doors, pulled the doors opened as soon as they were released and made a step backwards onto the platform - with the train still moving (albeit not too fast). She fall, of course, and was lucky that she wasn't hurt and that the child didn't fall out of the stroller. I wrote to the train operator, they asked me for more details so they can check the CCTV recordings, I wrote the details and got the answer: "Our recordings do not show such an event". There you go, have a nice day.

Stef said...


POLICE raids on suspected terrorists have uncovered a potentially lethal stockpile of bullshit, it emerged last night.

According to security sources, police raids in Manchester, Liverpool and Clitheroe have so far yielded eight packets of crisps, some beard shampoo and a foreign looking hat.

A senior police source said: "Put the crisps in the hat, add some shampoo, give it a good shake and what have you got? Unimaginable carnage, that's what you've got..."

Neil said...

As an example of the kind of 'thinking' we are up against, I spotted this on the interwebs:

"The protestors were actually protesting against freedom, so can hardly complain if their freedoms are cutailed."

paul said...

If it werent so sad it would be funny that the Daily Mash is more accurate than the real newspapers.

I wonder if CCTV cameras are sentient in some way. When they are about to record something that may be detrimental to the police state and bring around a future reduction in cameras ... they close their eyes as a defence mechanism!

Wolfie said...

There is still high quality and fresh evidence emerging from the 9/11 investigations carried out by individuals.

The presence of thermite at ground zero

I'm sure we will find the truth eventually.

Anti_NWO said...

Apparently the debunkers think they've won that round:

"The thermite was from welding or cutting"

"Conspiracy theorists sent death threats to a professor who's paper didn't agree with them"

Bridget said...

There were CCTV cameras and the IPCC statement.

Stef said...

"During the live interview he said - "We don't have CCTV footage of the incident... there is no CCTV footage, there were no cameras in the location where he was assaulted."

At this point Mr Hardwick believed that he was correct in this assertion– we now know this may not be accurate"

hmmm, not, um, accurate

interesting use of the word accurate there

did Mr Hardwick perform some kind of calculation before coming out with his statement?

aren't there more appropriate words to describe a statement which is 100% not, er, accurate?