Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NOT!! a clip from Starship Troopers

...a fine piece of solid, informative film-making, scoring a mighty one star out of five from appreciative Youtube viewers

the explanation of Sign #6 is my favourite


In other '
NOT!! a Clip from one of my favourite movies' news, any Kubrick fans with a taste for numerology will no doubt raise a knowing eyebrow on reading this story

hmmm, pre-emptive mass arrests...



gyges said...

Sign #1 - Peter Power is involved.
Sign #2 - Gov needs a distraction.
Sign #3 - Gov needs an excuse to transfer money from the people to the plutocrats.
Sign 4# - Gov needs to put people in fear.

etc etc

Stef said...


Stef said...

Sign #4 - All the CCTV cameras in the immediate vicinity have stopped working

Sign #5 - The BBC announces news that hasn't happened yet

Sign #6 - The suspected terrorists are seen traveling on non-existent trains

Sign #7 - You notice people you suspect of being devout, fanatical Muslims getting pissed up in titty bars or snacking on McDonalds breakfasts

etc etc

ggyes said...

The Seven Signs :) :|:( from a mere disciple.

This is a lot more truthiness than your signs.

Parabellum said...

Another performance of the world famous duo Dunning-Kruger. Just beautiful how the people who made this little piece of art think they can stop people who are determined to carry out an terrorist attack and may even have fundamental support of some nation. And maybe it is even their own nation! MUWAHAHAHA!

If one should be suspicious, then of the state and the corps around oneself... Just like in homicide-cases it is very seldom the dark-skinned bearded stranger.

If someone gets killed its either by:
- Someone they know
- The state *)
- Some faceless, reckless and slightly vicious corporation *)

*) There might be some overlap there.

gyg3s said...

Sad news re Phil from the Phil and Kirsty show, at my place

Anti_NWO said...

Yeah, saw this myself a couple of days ago. I'm surprised voting and comments were still enabled :p

Stef said...


the folks at House Price Crash (now twinned with the British National Party) forum are clearly gutted by the news...

Let Us Cheer Ourselves Up, By laughing at Phil Spencer...

Stef said...

"from a mere disciple."

don't even joke about it ;)

Parabellum said...

Being suspicious is more and more an offence in itself: