Thursday, April 02, 2009

Does something about this scene stink? Or does something about this scene stink?


One of the above scenes was out of the control of, and scared the shit out of, the Powers That Be.

The other wasn't, and didn't

If I had more time I'd wax lyrically and extensively about why yesterday's G20 protests in London were so very, very shit

But I haven't, so I won't

The short answer is that, here in Blighty anyway, opposition to the UK and Global Establishment is fragmented and lacking in a coherent ideology like never before.

None of which happened by accident

And, outside of beliefs which are discounted as conspiracy theorizing, there isn't even the faintest sign of any such coherent ideology developing in the foreseeable future

In the UK anyway

Other countries are less irredeemably fucked

I'm pretty damned certain that the Germans, or the Italians, and definitely the French or the Greeks would have put on a better show

There's a very good reason why the UK has been turned into the CCTV capital of the World

We let Them

A nice illustration of just how fucked up things are was the police behaviour at the 'climate camp' yesterday.

Not only did the police go in harder against climate protesters, holding their hands in the air chanting 'this is not a riot, this is not a riot', than they did against the shills/ muppets at the RBS window-breaking photo opportunity, those climate protesters were actually unknowingly supporting the eugenicist, carbon-taxing agenda of the same people who ultimately control the police anyway

Heads I win, tails you lose

No - coherent - opposing - ideology

Totally, totally fucked

However, looking on the bright side...



edit: though this forum posting on the subject of yesterday's demos made me laugh...



tony said...

Well Said.The Band Plays On...........

Anti_NWO said...

I'm swaying more towards leaving the UK myself, as the situation spirals further into the abyss.. but since I don't have the means to do so, I'm stuck here.

Even France looks like a better option, Sarkozy and staged riots aside.

Anyway, as for the domestic situation - as I said before, these are largely "controlled opposition" leftist groups, with a few state anarchists probably scattered in there for good measure.

One of the reasons the UK has so many CCTV cameras is because people are paranoid fucks who are easily led by fearmongering media stories, and their own desire to control their offspring (in the case of parents). Also, a misguided belief that CCTV evidence is more than 4% effective for finding and prosecuting criminals...

Stef said...

I've got out because my other 1/2 wanted to go home

If that hadn't happened I'd be thinking very seriously about fucking off out of it anyway

Anti_NWO said...

Yeah, but Lambeth is a lot nastier than an estate backed by a farm and a forest on two sides. :p

The only thing that reminds me I'm in the London perimeter is Heathrow, and its associated security bollocks.

That said, maybe I'm closer to gainful employment than I think...

Stef said...

yes, yes it is

The Underdoug said...

I'd like to get out, too. But I won't abandon people when they need me, so I'm stuck. By the time I'm unstuck, I won't be able to afford to leave (exchange rates et al.).

However, just in case I get lucky (money wise) does anyone know of any promised land (how naive, eh?) where one isn't fingerprinted and treated like cattle upon immigration/entry (I have nothing to hide, but I have everything to fear)? Or is the whole world in lockdown against its citizens?

Stef said...

Answer B. I'm afraid - it's just a question of which countries are further along the agenda than others

A harder to question to answer is which countries have populations which are most likely to kick back against the agenda in a coherent, effective way?

It's unlikely that the UK would appear in anyone's Top 10

Anti_NWO said...

What do you make of that Stef?

Stef said...

I'm just dying to see how many pyramids and stars They're going to sneak into those new 'Globo' notes They must be designing behind the scenes

Stef said...

I'm also wildly guessing that the new 'Globo' notes are going to be gold-backed

Once all the national gold reserves have finally been flogged off to the banksters and their mates...

Gold prices may fall as G20 wants IMF to sell precious metal

Stef said...

or maybe They'll call the new currency the 'Mondo'

Stef said...

Courtesy of David Icke...

Emergency Broadcast! New World Order Ahead!

featuring hand selected quotes from a variety of Conspiraloon Messiahs and the now obligatory 'Requiem for a Dream' soundtrack

anon 22:41 said...

Just read very lucid piece by Simon Johnson in Atlantic: The Quiet Coup, How bankers took power, and how they're impeding recovery.

It does converge with Dillon Read & The Aristocracy of Stock Profits by the excellent Catherine Austin Fitts. After reading this one, you'll know why Obama raised taxes on cigarettes. It's not for children healthcare.

Anonymous said...

@ The Underdoug

Word on the street is Cuba's worth a look at. Generally the more Bolivarian-ised the beter!

The Underdoug said...


Not sure I could cope with Cuba's climate and proximity to Guantanamo.

Globo notes may be gold backed, but I bet they'll be rfid tagged.

word ver: shumple
oh, so close to sheeple

paul said...

Lets play a game of spot the cheap camera, or a game of spot the policeman.

PS Ecuador

Stef said...

The Latin Americans and East Europeans do, for fairly obvious historical reasons, have the edge on us going forward...

Anti_NWO said...

Some of my buddies in town had 7\7 MI5 inside job banners, but for obvious reasons they didn't get media coverage.

Barney said...

The bit where the reporter at the G20 clearly stated that the lack of regulation was the major reason for the current situation... Obama's response confirmed to me exactly what many 'conspiraloons' have been harping on about... He is completely in bed with his banker controllers.

The corporate managed press in the states plays softball with him, so the straightforward question seemed to stun him. Then like the slick lawyer he is, he didn't deny it, but stated that europe with its better regulation had its problems too (forgetting to mention that the unregulated toxic debt was sold to the european banks).
btw Engdahl has a powerful new little article regarding Obama's controllers and their relationship to de-regulation.

Its shocking just how f-ed up it is, and how ill-informed many people still are.

Barney said...

btw, reading that G20 manifesto seriously makes me believe in the anti-christ or something real bad behind this (calm down). The raw audacity to manipulate the meltdown into an excuse for taxpayers to give up even more money and power to an external entity IMF to create even more debt (read control) for the rest of the world (emerging markets/poor countries) is very sinister.

"promote global trade and investment and reject protectionism"
-> classic free trade bollocks used to shaft whatever countries are not under adequate control.

"build an inclusive, green, and sustainable recovery"
-> more taxes for the bullshit anthropological global warming /lack of sustainable energy meme.

Why aren't these arse-clowns funneling money into something worthwhile like Cold Fusion research, which is looking viable.

I think it was Kissinger who mentioned something about energy/control or something.

sorry for the rant. btw thanks for the blog Stef.

Stef said...

"Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people"

Stef said...

Our current system is based on the exploitation of scarcity

and where that scarcity doesn't occur naturally it is engineered

Stef said...

"Cold fusion experimentally confirmed"


how long is that? 20 years since F&P made their announcement

Cold Fusion may have represented a threat to Big Oil and the Nuclear Industry but I also recall a lot of hardcore environmentalists getting pretty wound up at the time.

They were concerned about all the damage Mankind would inflict on Gaia if given access to an unlimited energy source

This was one of the first clues I remember consciously picking up on which indicated that many environmentalists wouldn't be happy until as many humans had ceased to exist as possible

paul said...

I wonder how he knew they were the real thing?

Stef said...

The readers' comments underneath that article are pretty special too..

"Who says investigative reporting is dead? This brave reporter has strode straight into the lion's den to bring us this wonderfully tendentious report.

Bravo sir. Give the man a medal!"


paul said...

Seems someone has ruined my game by filling in the picture with red ink :p