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In a previous life I spent some time working with a small currency trading company

And because it was small the marketing budget was miniscule

Fortunately, one of the guys in the company was a media-designated foreign currency ‘expert’

...a media-designated expert being someone willing and able to take a couple of hours out of their busy working day to be hauled over to a television studio to talk bollocks at short notice and, most importantly, for free

Needless to say, media-designated experts do not do this sort of thing for altruistic, public service reasons. They are all selling something – a company, a product, an idea, themselves

And it’s not all that difficult to become a media-designated expert. Pick a suitably specialist subject, create a consultancy or a pressure group out of thin air, whack off a few press releases with your name on, indicate that you’re willing to appear on television at some stupid time in the morning, and let the insatiable demands of 24 hour news culture do the rest.

At any one point in time there are dozens or cars shuttling back and forth around London delivering a steady stream of pundits to television and radio studios to talk utter bollocks; round the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

And if a pundit’s driver gets interviewed instead of the pundit by mistake so fucking what…

A curious thing about media-designated pundits is that the more trivial the subject the more likely it is the pundit you see on screen knows what he’s talking about. The British public wouldn’t put up with someone they’ve never heard of, introduced as a ‘Sports Expert’, commenting on a football match but when it comes to stuff like money, war and death, fuck it, why not?

And the worst of the media-designated pundit breed; the shadiest, most self-serving and the most unreliable, are, of course, the Terror!! Pundits

Bullshit Terror Punditry is a huge field of study in itself but one ‘Terror Expert’ in particular is of special interest to people who are dissatisfied with the Official Narrative of the 7/7 London Bombings

Heeeeeeeeeere’s Peter…

Peter Power is, of course, the man who claimed on live radio on 7/7 that his company had been running a terrorism response training exercise at the very same time and in the very same stations that were bombed that morning.

Personally, I just assumed that Peter was talking shit as usual and thought no more of it but a lot of people interested in researching 7/7 have been distracted by Power’s claims ever since

And since then Power has been a regular feature on television, talking about the ‘New Normal’ and how every public body and company in the land has to spunk billions on the kind of specialist consultancy services experts like him are uniquely qualified to offer

Even if I believed in Power’s ‘New Normal’ I’d still argue that him and his kind are self-serving spare parts. The Nazis locked down Occupied Europe and Russia pretty tightly, carried out wholesale collective punishments and they still couldn’t stop poorly equipped but determined/ fanatical people blowing stuff up

Anyway, I only mention all this because J7T has just uncovered an intriguing little morsel about Peter Power's past which may be of interest to Power fans

Normally I am not a fan of ad hominems but in Peter’s case I’m more than willing to make an exception



Anonymous said...

Read the J7 page.

Yet another example of where the establishment work against the people.

Well done J7 and Stef for pointing this out. Do you think we should do a 'Hamburglar' on this one?

Anonymous said...

While J7 and Bridget Dunne have made excellent use of FOI, it seems like the most significant FOI requests are spun to fall foul of establishment secrecy protocols.

Can't have inportant information coming out that would step on their toes.

The necessary revolution notches up another rung.

paul said...

I like the fact he's still on the sick, I hope David Freud sorts him out

Anonymous said...

A bit of weirdness (originally from Jeff Wells' Rigorous Intuition).

Apparently, Britney Spears' new beau, Adnan Ghalib has, "earned his expertise in weaponry fighting abroad in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Macedonia".

Doesn't that read like the cv of a Mujahideen?

Anyone know anything about the Hollywood gossip rag to which I've linked and Ghalib's employers (ie the people who buy his pics)?

The Antagonist said...

Nice one, Stef.

There's a little more on this story here on the J7 blog and here on Anything that defies my sense of reason....

cmain has more too.

Shutter said...

Alex Jones (not necessarily the best arbiter of the truth) had a piece by Jon Rappoport on July 13th see - London Underground Exercises: Peter Power Responds in which he says ..."Note that most of what is in this article has received NO follow-up from the mainstream press. If you were a reporter in London, wouldn't you, for example, jump in with both feet and talk to Peter Power in depth and find out exactly how his drills interacted with the real thing?

From Power's statements so far, it is not entirely clear to me whether he is denying that any of Visor's people were actually at bomb scenes on 7/7. He claims that the mock drills were largely a paper exercise. But the specifics are blurry......

Not half Pop Pickers.

As a consequence I have always taken the view that a guy who was happy to make himself available to the Beb (it went out as an interview on Radio 5 Live at Drive time in an interview with Peter Allen on the day of the bombings Thursday 7th July at 17.06 ) Which suggests a contact at least 2 hours earlier.... and also would if so self promoting have put his scoop up for sale to the Metropolitan commercial Radio - none of whom , either heard from him ..or took the unbeleivable opportunity presented by him.

Just because he is a lying shit doesn't of course preclude his part in a carefully scripted and choreographed psyops operation run by state employed terrists.

It would be interesting to contact Five Live / Peter Allen to discover exactly the sequence of events that preceded PP's arrival at their studios... and also to see if anyone at the other commercial Radio / TV had a chance to share PP's scoop.

Excellent digging by the J7 crew - perhaps Five Live might be interested in an interview?

Anonymous said...

There's always the possibility that Power is just a self aggrandising prick who likes to talk up both the terror threat and his own importance.

But having said that, I'm dying to know why he was dismissed from the Dorset police, I can't help but feel it has some relevance to his current 'job'.

Anonymous said...

I've updated Powers meagre wikipedia page.

I reckon there's quite a bit of other legitimate information we could add to it -

Stef said...

I've updated Powers meagre wikipedia page

Fine work, cheers


Do you think we should do a 'Hamburglar' on this one?

Sounds good to me. Will consult with fellow Alliance members shortly

Stef said...

There's always the possibility that Power is just a self aggrandising prick who likes to talk up both the terror threat and his own importance.


you can just feel many people's affection for Power oozing out of these comments

It's a very distinct possibility - but, as we know, it doesn't start to explain to lack of follow up/ interest in his 7/7 claims displayed by the national media organisations we all love and trust

The Antagonist said...

There's always the possibility that Power is just a self aggrandising prick who likes to talk up both the terror threat and his own importance.

If that turns out to the be the case, as it may well do, then there will be a raft of questions to be answered about the way in which he has gone about making a living on the backs of the dead and the way in which the media, the BBC in particular, has facilitated this.

After all, PP wouldn't be the first person to try and profit from the misfortune and misery of others, nor would he be the first person to whom the BBC has repeatedly extended such profitable opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Here's something that may be of interest, "Psychological torture: a CIA history" an invited lecture at the University of California by historian Prof Alfred McCoy.

Further links within link.

Anonymous said...


Tony said...

Project for an American Century

- or -

Creating terror since 1776

Anonymous said...

RE: Tony's links.

Project Censored (in 2007, iirc) covered the evidence that Halliburton had been doing business with and in Iran during the 1990s to help build its nuclear infrastructure, in direct opposition of US Congress when Cheney was in charge.

There is also this story here which purports that even up to 2004 Halliburton was doing the same thing.
Similarly this story from the International Herald Tribune starts off with:

"The U.S. Energy Department is subsidizing two Russian nuclear institutes that are building key parts of a reactor in Iran that the United States spent years trying to stop"

Together with Rumsfeld heading up a company which sold nuclear parts to North Korea, there is a lot of evidence that the wool being pulled over the public's eyes at the very least.

reminds me of that Bill Hicks skit

Tor Hershman said...

“I enjoy swearing,” you must have TORtourette syndrome.

Guess who that t'were name for.

Stay on groovin' safari,

Stef said...


what with one thing and another this is the first opportunity I've had to say thank you anonymous internet stalker person...