Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My posting ability is somewhat restricted by having my hands permanently covered in paint and polyfilla at the moment (yes, I know it's supposed to go on the walls) and apologies to folks who've written to me recently and haven't had a reply, yet. In the meantime, here's a clip of Anthea Turner being blown up, posted here for no good reason at all - aside from the fact that it's funny in a mean-spirited kind of way, obviously...



The Antagonist said...
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The Antagonist said...

Now that's what I call a blast from the past!

Many have wondered how Anthea achieved that spectacular 80s hairdo. All has been revealed.

To purloin a line from elsewhere, "Press your red buttons now." (Thanks JTF)

Merkin said...

Pollyfilla and chappatti flour?
Next year's big thing - according to your soaraway Sun.
Sometimes i wonder who I am dealing with.
Aha, gottit.
Pollyfilla and Digital Rights Management.
As Blur should have said :
'Boys who got chappatti flour and Jalebi flowers who got boys and mass destruction toys and Brown's boys...'
End it as you wish, big man.
Maybe, I should finish it in the morning. Yeah, good idea, but you get the gist.

The Antagonist said...

Ho ho ho!

There's nothing to worry about after all!

lwtc247 said...

What amuses me the most (or should I have said 'concerns' me??) is the camera man...

Some dumb (yet fun) woman has just been 'blown up' but the camera man would rather prefer to pan around and film the bike leavin her smouldering on the floor.

Thats steamin hillarios!

Tom said...

I like how she keeps a grip of the blazing microphone like a true professional.

Stef said...

Pollyfilla and chappatti flour?

Unfortunately, paint is not as inflammable as it used to be and the only atrocity I've been able to carry out is a shocking choice of colour scheme for my bathroom. It looks like a cartoon background now and I feel like I'm sitting in a scene from Who framed Roger Rabbit every time I take a dump

...a deleted scene, obviously

lwtc247 said...


Merkin said...

'Recent comments left by a motley assortment of Conspiraloons™, Drunks and Insomniacs'
I certainly ticked all three boxes last night. Apologies, as even I could not understand which salient point I was trying to illustrate.
It'll come back to me.
Still, after today's latest court appeal, choosing the wrong 'colour book' to look at will not be automatically be seen as evidence of intent to committ an atrocity.
Colin and Justin can be relieved.

Anonymous said...



Updated: 14 February 2008

Madeleine case may be dropped



THE MADELEINE McCann case may be dropped by Portuguese police if new evidence to sustain the continuity of the investigation is not found, it is believed in the Portuguese judicial sector.

Although the national public prosecutor already sent the enquiry letters to the UK, as confirmed to The Resident by a spokeswoman from Procuradoria-Geral da República, no new evidence seems to have been added to the case, with the EXISTING evidence being insufficient to guarantee the continuity of the investigation. The enquiry letters contain questions for some of the friends and family members of the McCanns who were in Praia da Luz on May 3.

While waiting for a reply from the UK police authorities, the rumours about the Madeleine case being dropped have been spreading in the Portuguese weekly and daily newspapers last week, as a result of a political controversy triggered after Alípio Ribeiro, the PJ national director, admitted the investigation was “hasty” on naming Gerry and Kate McCann as “arguidos” in September.

Mr Ribeiro’s statements led to a special request from an MP member of the opposition party CDS-PP, at the beginning of this week as was reported by Correio da Manhã. Nuno Melo asked the Justice Minister, Alberto Costa, to explain in parliament if Portuguese citizens have any reasons “to fear an out-of-control judicial system” in Portugal.

The session was expected to be held on Wednesday, February 13, after The Resident went to press.

In the meantime, search operations in the Arade dam, near Silves, commissioned by the Madeira-based lawyer Marcos Aragão, are expected to restart after the weekend, depending on the success of the lawyer’s fundraising campaign.

Richard Lawrence, from Dive Time, the diving company from Lagos involved in the search, told The Resident that contrary to what has been reported in the media, the divers “have been working almost for free” and that the water conditions are very bad. However, he added, “there are still a few parts of the dam to search especially near the tower and that is where we will probably go next”.

Merkin said...

I saw this story in the Daily Mail.
Even more sure they 'did' it.