Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Official Press Release from the Conspiraloon™ Alliance

The text of an official press release issued by the Conspiraloon™ Alliance earlier today...

"It is with a heavy heart that we at the Conspiraloon™ Alliance feel the need to issue a public announcement distancing ourselves from recent statements made by honorary Alliance member Mohamed Al-Fayed

Whilst giving evidence at London's Royal Courts of Justice at the inquest into the death of his son Dodi and Diana, Princess of Wales, Mr Al-Fayed made a series of allegations identifying a number of senior public figures; including Prince Philip and former Prime Minister Tony Blair, as being murdering Nazi scum involved in a gigantic Establishment conspiracy. Outside the court, Mr Al Fayed did not halt his invective. Asked by the BBC's royal correspondent Peter Hunt whether he was lying, the Harrods owner shot back: "You work for MI6, you idiot!

Mr Al-Fayed, stricken by grief at the loss of his son, has clearly boarded the last train to Funkytown and is no longer able to distinguish between fact and fantasy

BBC royal correspondents work for MI5

We wish Mr Al-Fayed a speedy recovery and the swift return of all his faculties"

Unlike Mr Al-Fayed I personally have every confidence in the objectivity and outcomes of Official British Inquiries and my only regret is that this all-too short inquest simply didn't have enough time to get to the bottom of the peculiar, and illegal, collapse of Paul Burrell's trial or end the rumours about an exceptionally dodgy (and missing) dossier Princess Diana had compiled on her beloved husband's hobbies which even my dear old mum, someone who has never connected to the Internet in her life, has heard about

Best Royal Portrait ever?



Anonymous said...

Oh Stef, such a great reminder why I have come to believe that the internet is mans best achievement.

Interesting when he said, Diana was preggers. She who may have been rebelling. Simple question: Was Al-Fayed lying? You know what, I don't think he was.

Re: 5/6. Maybe Al-Fayed had a point. Afterall, the six’s scope may well cover the Saxe-Coburg-Goethe's.

Just as interesting was the previous word verification: rwcia - hummm…

paul said...

He totally blew it by failing to moon the judge...how often do you get a chance to do that?

Lord Patel said...

Just so long as I'm kept out of it..she always said she wouldn't divulge Harry's true parentage.

Let's also hope nobody mentions the spawn of the Nazi duke and the famous Park Lane chanteuse Ms Cordet.


Anonymous said...

"moon the judge" - LOL LOL LOL. Quality.

Pat... :O !!!

Anonymous said...

On a different note, "Papers reveal how alleged war criminal escaped UK arrest"

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, last night in the Commons we had the following debate where, at 11:11 pm Vince Cable began talking about 'Granite'.

Something very strange is afoot.

Anonymous said...

"Northern Ill. University Massacre: A Story of Bleakness & Madness
By Mark Ames
" - this is worth a read.

Steph - consider getting a forum for these sort of tangential posts.

Anonymous said...

Granite today pumice tomorrow.
I thought NR would deliberately die if it ended up in the hands of a foreign company. But the pumiceisation could be just as lucrative.

Stef said...

Steph - consider getting a forum for these sort of tangential posts.

a good idea

more than half the reason why I keep this blog going is because of the links and comments people leave

as it happens, and all being well, I expect posting on this blog to become increasingly patchy for a few months whilst I haul my rear end somewhere else - if and when that's accomplished I'll try and put a small something together along the lines you suggest

in the meantime, thx for the links/ comments and AFAIC virtually nothing posted here has been as tangential as it might first seem