Monday, October 08, 2007

Make room for the Mushrooms

I can’t speak for the rest of the country but it’s turning out to be a rubbish year for mushrooms, especially porcini, in South East England

Photograph of porcini in action - NOT taken this year

Though, having said that, there’s a least one person who seems to be getting his hands on adequate quantities of his favourite edible funghi…

and in case anyone is a) interested and b) missed it, David Shayler has set up his own Youtube TV Channel - ‘Shayler TV’

Episode 1 (in all its excrutiating messianic glory)…

I find it difficult to be totally scathing about someone who is advocating universal compassion and understanding but that’s not the stuff I have a problem with

Painful, simply painful…


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lwtc247 said...

I found the first half of that video heart softening. I am humbled at what he has done in the course of what he has felt is the right thing to do.

I am also happy he addressed the fallibility of himself, as he has shown many of them since his declaration.

But I have large doubts of a claim that Lawrence of Arabia could have been any such incarnation and the consequence of this is that David’s understanding of his spiritually is surely wrong and therefore NOT the Messiah.

I don’t believe the Lawrence bit because I have come to believe taht Lawrence was a spy for the British to help facilitate the destruction of the the Ottoman Caliphate. Key players were the Wahabi Ibn Saud based in the west of Arabia who the British paid £1,000,000 to for mutual benefit and the Hashemite King Hussain of Trans-Jordan who was more cheaply bought off at £5000 a month. Then the Idiot declared the Caliphate for himself after it was destroyed with the Help of the British in Turkey and the Capture of Jerusalem by General Allenby. The Wahabbi Sauds under the the British Monarchy invaded and occupied the Hejaz and begged the Muslim world to recognise it as the new legitimate guardians of Islam - Which the Islamic world rejected. With the secularization of Turkey, a dominating of parts of the Islamic 'empire' were carved into countries (as with Mesopotamia) and we all know of the lovely way those "Islamic countries" Developed since then.

This is a rapid summary of a much Respected Muslim Scholar Sheikh Imran Hosein and I can find almost no fault in it. He identifies Lawrence as a spy. I'd love to hear David use his 'hotline' to describe more accurately the deliberate destruction of the Islamic empire and the role of Lawrence.