Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shellfish of the Month

To commemorate that last post on Darwinian evolution and the epic bout of commenting that followed it here’s a picture of a lingulata brachiopod or, as the Japanese like to call them, ミドリシャミセンガイ!!

And this is what they look like cooked...

The interesting thing about the lingula is that specimens found in the waters around Japan are almost identical to ancient Cambrian era fossils which would suggest to a Darwinist that life has been pretty quiet in the waters around Japan for the last half billion years and that lingulata don’t go out very much

However, intriguing and tasty and they are, lingulata are not my favourite shellfish

These are…

Time for a new Shellfish of the Month sidebar panel methinks



Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to do lots of lolling. - lw

Merkin said...

Stef, Stef, Stef.
Just reminded me of a joke about some nuns and a dead donkey.
Can't tell it here, but the punchline goes something like : 'Begorrah, look what the Protestants have done to Father McGinty'

jon doy said...

couldn't i train one of those to be an automatic swimming pool cleaner ?

...and then sell them as automatic pool cleaners and use the proceeds to buy a swimming pool - and a house, only they're going cheap nowadays i hear

Stef said...

would it be wise to admit to actually having eaten one of these?

probably not...

Anonymous said...

'would it be wise to admit to actually having eaten one of these?'
Only if you swallowed.

Stef said...

... lots more exciting geoduck-related trivia - including hardly any reference to the fact that they look, and taste, like enormous wrinkly wangs - now available on the fascinating 'Man and Mollusc' website


'Man and Mollusc - your first point of call for all information related to the interaction of men ...and molluscs'

Anonymous said...

you want a squid of the month? Look at this bastard!


Stef said...


re. the Glass Squid

I've tucked that puppy away for use at some point down the line - thx