Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Tube Terror Shooting CCTV Released

I've just popped a Sky News report on the recently released CCTV footage of JCdM at Stockwell Station onto Youtube

I didn't ask Rupert for permission beforehand so it might not stay up for very long

If you look very carefully at the footage it is clear that JCdM could easily have been carrying an invisible suicide bomb and that police and media accounts of the events leading up to his shooting were 100% accurate.

'What happened at Stockwell' - courtesy of the BBC

My spooky psychic powers are working overtime again and telling me that it's almost time to be told to put the events at Stockwell behind us and move on. There have been two independent investigations and a court case and any further investigation would be both costly and pointless . Also, think about the distress caused to the bereaved family by endlessly re-examining the tragic events over and over again, etc etc...

And in related developments in the ongoing War on Terror, that Intellectual Colossus, Purveyor of Truth
and nominal head of the Metropolitan Police Sir Ian Blair has recently gone on the record to say...

"The number of the conspiracies, the number of conspirators within those conspiracies and the magnitude of the ambition, in terms of destruction and loss of life, is mounting; has continued to mount, is increasing year by year"

For once, I agree with him wholeheartedly



lwtc247 said...

I'm going to play theorist here. I deserve to be able to do that given the hideous assassination of JCdM and the host of other rotten perverted black-op / flase-flags the British govt have done over the years.

I believe 21-7 was to create a creshendo of fear to allow tstb (the scum that be) a free shot. I hold the view that tstb thought JCdM had info that might blow the 7-7 UK Government terror-op in the open {whether he had this info or whether it was direct evidence or evidence that would disprove and show that the scum were plainly lying, I could not say}.
That is why they killed him. Dead men don't talk.

Clearly they NEEDED him dead. This shooting was NO accident. It was NO 'mistake'. It was calculated.

Tstb also managed to plant false witnesses in the MSM wires hanging out, jumping barriers etc...)

The readon HAS to be vey significant.

Even I am totally wrong about him (and I've not heard anything that is as sound as that theory) it matters not, as the likelyhood that elements within the UK govt/establishment killed 52 people is far stronger than any of their farytales.

P.S. Dont forget David Kelly

UK Govt/Establishment... J'accuse

Shutter said...

Of far greater importance is what Sir Ian of that Ilk who also told MPs that, " terror plots were becoming so complex and time-consuming that his detectives would inevitably run up against the ceiling in the near future."

The ceiling he referred to was on funds for paying overtime ....

Stef said...

Hmmm, theorising

as we know a risky game

My best guess would be that whoever ordered JCdM shot did think he was someone else

I think that because if the person killed had a demonstrable link to terrorism few people would have asked any questions about the circumstances around the shooting or the nonsense the police come out with immediately afterwards

If the security forces had knowingly set about killing JCdM I personally doubt that they would have made such a dog's breakfast of the operation

paul said...

I think it was a fuck up, the disarray and conflicting stories that emerged before it was kicked into the long inquiry grass, showed that.

if JCdM knew something, then he seemed pretty relaxed about it.

I do think they wanted a test run of kratos, but there weren't any suitable candidates (or maybe the intended target was one of the chapatti flour gang)

some hyped up gunslingers got out of hand (reporting they were acting on instinct...I thought they were supposed to be trained) as they usually do.
One dead civilian as a result.

Stef said...


yes, agreed

quotes likes

"At some stage 28 days is not going to be sufficient, and the worst time to debate whether an extension is needed would be in the aftermath of an atrocity,"

"If you can see the epidemic moving towards you, you start to take precautions before it arrives."

coming from a police chief with an apparent hard-on for internment...

are worrying

The irony of his comments about conspiracies was, however, the cheapest and therefore most attractive shot

Anonymous said...

Of course a conspiracies can also be cock-ups, the two things aren't mutually exclusive. I agree that JCdM was either a case of mistaken identity or just a fuck up - but clearly there's some other aspect to this case that they don't want us to know about, hence the lies and the cover-ups.

A agree that some aspect of them wanting to lay down the law and send a warning out to everyone that they mean business may have been an element in the overzealous way they acted aswell.

Anonymous said...

"as we know a risky game" - perhaps, but taking their theorization that it was by mistake (for thats all it is; there is NO evidence to confirm it), just like the 'northy' that tstb somehow failed on 7-7


Anonymous said...

... doing that is more risky.
- lw

Anonymous said...

"I personally doubt that they would have made such a dog's breakfast of the operation: May I ask where you get the confidence in the competitance of our establishment?

The peoples minds are so brainwashed they can and do what ever the hell they like, without fear of consequence I may add.

Iraq anyone? -lw

Stef said...

a general observation about theories that's always worth bearing in mind...

you can always postulate multiple different explanations for an event

the killing of JCdm could, for example, have been staged to incriminate senior policemen in a murder so that their continued silence and compliance with a larger conspiracy was assured

I could easily come up with a few dozen other hypotheses

but none of those possible explanations would have any utility IMHO unless they are phrased in such a way that they open to being disproved by further research

So, for example, some people have picked up on the fact that JCdM was an electrician and that bombs sometimes include electrical thingies

OK, but where does linking these two facts take you? Realistically, what additional research could someone carry out to test that hypothesised connection?

I can't think of any and by favouring one particular alternative explanation I would be boxing myself into a dead end, rather than concentrating on the copious evidence that senior police have lied through their fucking teeth about the events of that day - a theory which I believe to be much more provable/disprovable

Anonymous said...

'Ken' seemed to dally around in the upper hall, rather than be hot on the heels of the 'suspected suicide bomber', until the escalator view......but then again, it is hard to tell when the timings of the video at the base of the screen are blurred.

I think that JCdM was killed to put the frighteners on the 'J21 suspects', - you know, the some of the ones who had supper at Mohammed Hamid's place.

Well, maybe we'll find out when this current Health & safety prosecution case against the Met police is over. We then have the IPCC Stockwell 1 report & the Jean Charles de Menezes inquest to wait for.

lwtc247 said...

Just like any police investigatgion, a number of facts are gathered and a list of likely senarious are compiled. The strongest lead is persued.

To proceed with my theory, You investigate and obtain a record of JS's work over say 2 months before 7-7 and also establish his movements over the same time frame. You Interview those who know him with reference to his work and sublt probe any 7-7 connections he has. You examine his work equipment and the contents of his home. You al look at his financial history. You look at the those who tried to demionize him. You scour london transports employment / maintenance records and contracts to any correlation. You interview his neighbours about his behaviour after 7-7.

ALL Police work is like this.

When/if it draws a blank you look at the evividence as a whole accumulated after the first lead then you try and refine any models to explain the facts. You then move on to the next strongest lead. This is the bread and butter of investigation. But when its civillians who do it, it's dismissed as conspiacy theories!

It is far from being boxed in, it is looking for ALL possible boxes.

If that possibility is rejected, then great, move onto the next. Otherwise one wonders around aimlessly {any 'joke' seriiusly unintended}.

Stef said...


all very reasonable

the practical problem being that the police themselves are probably the only people who could carry out such an investigation

most ordinary people do not have the resources or the authority to carry out the kind of investigation you talk about

and that's the problem with much conspiracy theorising - not necessarily through any fault of their own, there are a lot more people postulating theories than researching them

kudos to the folks at J7 Truth for actually doing some original research - contacting the rail companies, filing FOI requests and so on

Stef said...


ALL Police work is like this.

Yes, very funny

In an ideal world maybe but the current police methodology appears to be a little more, um, preemptive than that...

1. Arrest someone who hasn't actually committed a crime (yet)

2. Lock them up for 28 days

3. Tear through their life and the life of people around them with a tooth comb and see what you can come up with

4. Put them on trial for thinking about doing something even if there was no way they could have done it

lwtc247 said...

Yes, there is a large degree of irony about what I said in my post.

Thank you for pointing it out ;)

Plz excuse my rather silly fall into idealism there.