Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Salvador Dali eat your heart out

I live in a part of the country where local disputes have extended the national mail strike into a second post-less week

To add confusion to injury, The Post Office has just started a new television advertising campaign which aims to play down the ‘Post’ side of its business and talk up all the other products and services on offer.

And, in their aim to distract viewers from the fact that a Post Office without post is just a bank with shit décor, the producers of the new ad have IMHO created a surrealist masterpiece…

What does it all mean? Why the ant powder at the start of the commercial? What kind of alien technology are Royal Mail harnessing to cram such a big office into such a small building? Why aren't the staff protected from their adoring public by the customary walls of two inch thick, sound proof plexiglass? What’s with curious juxtaposition of Land of Hope and Glory playing in the background and the vaguely Marxist sounding talk of The People’s Post Office? WTF does Joan Collins have to do with any of this?

But wait, there’s going to be more…

“Joan Collins will be the first customer to visit a Post Office® branch appearing in living rooms across the UK on Sunday 14 October, in the new campaign, which highlights the wide range of great value products and services available at Post Office® branches.

The series of TV commercials are set in a fictional Post Office® branch which will welcome some famous faces in the coming months, with customers including Westlife, Bill Oddie and Keith Harris and Orville.”

The pain of the waiting is almost too much to bear



Merkin said...

Jeez-O. Epiphany.
Is this the END of the Post Office as we know it?.
At the moment my house is under siege by an invasion of slugs and now I know where to find the solution.
Or rather, the powder.
Or rather, the slug pellets.
If it's good enough for 'The Bitch' it's good enough for me.

Stef said...

I cannot express, even at the tender age of 14, how very, very disappointed I was with that film

DE said...

Ant powder. Can't move on from that.