Friday, October 12, 2007

Support Stop Islamisation of Europe and win a curry!!

Hmmm traditional British food, delicious...

Thanks to Sophia for sending me this little number…

And yes, it is a spoof

The sad thing is that the only real give-away is the last two lines at the bottom referring readers to ‘
Students for Conservativo-Fascism Awareness’ and to Adam Curtis’ The Power of Nightmares

Aside from that the content isn’t much more extreme that plenty of material I’ve seen on the web or even the mainstream press.

This, for example…

is not, as far as I can tell, a spoof

Martin Amis has also been producing some particularly solid work in this area

This Islamo-Fascism Awareness / Stop the Islamisation of Europe stuff is all very confusing to me

Over in America you’ve got a bunch of Zionist Neocons lambasting Muslims for their outrageous treatment of women, homosexuals and ethnic minority groups. Over here in Europe you’ve got neo Nazis planning to come out in support of an agenda clearly being set by the US Pro-Israel lobby – a lobby which presumably contains one or two Jewish people.

Ooooh, the irony

Adolph and the Boys will be turning in their graves
(or maybe not)

Is there nothing manufactured hatred of Muslims cannot achieve?

Unfortunately, it’s looking like I won’t be around on 26th October to witness the Islamo-Fascism Awareness march scheduled to take place in London

Rory over at the Chimes of Freedom blog makes an impassioned call for trying to ban the march. I understand the case he is making but I have to confess that I personally am really conflicted on this subject. Partly because my world view is more Gandhi than Trotsky but mostly because I think, given the media's track record when covering these kind of demos and the woeful state of the mainstream Left in the UK, those who are opposed to demos like this are on a hiding to nothing

If the march were to be banned this would be cited as evidence that free speech in the UK has been restricted due to fear of offending Muslims, or even more perniciously because of a fear of Muslim violence. If the march goes ahead and is faced with a Muslim counter demonstration this will be covered by the media as an expression of militant Islam – possibly aided by the now traditional sight of half a dozen guys turning up out of nowhere brandishing a few provocative placards. Potential opposition from much of the mainstream Left will be neutered, as with the invasion of Afghanistan*...

Causes (not) worth dying for #427 - Freedom for oppressed poppies everywhere!! the shamelessly clever tactic of presenting Islamo-Fascism Awareness as being about the rights of women and minorities

It’s a fucker

Particularly when the interests which pull the strings of so many of our politicians, newspapers and, sadly, our increasingly politicised senior policemen are clearly dead set on stoking this kind of shit up

And stoking things up is the name of the game

One lesson I’ve learned as an adult is that if someone tries to provoke me just about the worst thing I can do is to rise to the bait in the way that person wants.

The absolutely No.1 best response to someone attempting to annoy or anger you is to…

Take the piss out of them!!

Taunt them rigid. Rib them senseless. Make it abundantly clear that you don’t give a toss and even, if you’re feeling cocky, ask them if that’s the best they’ve got

That’s not to say that there are not times when a good kicking is in order (if you are physically threatened) but even then if you’ve goaded your opponent into losing it there’s a pretty good chance that will give you an edge. They might even do something daft enough to get arrested, whether the police are happy about having to do that or not

After all, demonstrations are essentially a competitive, sometimes contact, sport and if psyching out an opponent was good enough for Muhammad Ali it has to be worth thinking about. Psyops for the masses...

(and on the subject of psyops, the 15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group homepage makes for fascinating reading - even if only by virtue of the fact that 15POG actually has a homepage)

Whenever I see coverage of Orange Order marches through Catholic areas over in Northern Ireland and the predictable response from the Catholics I always think to myself ‘Can’t you see they’re trying to wind you up?!! They only do it because it annoys you!! The guys behind this want to perpetuate that cycle of hate that gives them power. Have a fucking street party next time they come marching through. Sup a few beers. Wear a silly hat or two yourselves. Crack a few gags. They'll give up eventually…’

The Men from Del Monte say No!!

It’s got to be worth a try at least once or twice


* I've no doubt that the online Lefties who slagged off myself and anti-Muslim (sic.) conspiRACISTS like me for suggesting that the occupation of Afghanistan and Kosovo and the relatively easy ride given to Balkan gangs in the UK might just possibly have something to do with the multibillion$, state-sanctioned heroin trade will be turning out to oppose the SIOE march this month in droves...



paul said...

Killing two birds with one stone, rewarding islamofascismawareness and taking out the bad guys food supply.

Could well be a turning point in whatever is going on here

Tony said...

Is it just me, or does this look like British Marines moving into an afghan village, the locals fleeing and then the marines making a nice show for the TV crew?

Anyway, nice to see how clean the war on terror is, just like boys playing the backyard.

Tony said...

Anyway, ain't it a bit strange that people protest about the "islamisation" of Europe, while western armies are conducting a "westernization" of muslim countries at gun point?

And again, how beautifully clean these videos are. No dead, just smoke and firecrackers. Amazing, isn't it?

Tony said...

By the way, while on the topic of funny videos, I had to think of the "like a cruise missile with wings" quote (you remember?) when I saw this video.

bobby said...

speaking of 'Psy-ops', Stef have you ever seen 'Men Who Stare at Goats'?

paul said...

I have, interesting material ground into a soupy paste of trivia by a passive agressive egomaniac, but that's just my opinion.

Rory Winter said...

Stef, thanks for mentioning this again on your blog. Ver late in the day, I discovered that the march goes through the Council of Westminster so have alerted that Council to the matter.

Anyone wishing to complain about the march or ask for it to be banned should write to Sir Richard Milton, Leader of the Council and address an email to or telephone 0207 641 6000/2259

Individual councillors can also be emailed from the Council website.

Westminster City Council has a 36-seat Tory majority so that may well have decided the route of the march. What is clear is that this march will just be testing the waters and will open the floodgates to much bigger marches by the racists in the future.

By the way, I am certainly not a Trotskyist, more a red/green anarchist. In this concern, though, am a dyed-in-the-wool antifascist and am happy to work with all others in that regard.

Stef said...


I can only echo paul's comments

yes, I have seen it and found the material fascinating even though the show was presented by the utter tool that is Jon Ronson

thank's for mentioning it though as I might not have heard of it and it would have seriously made my day

First Earth Battalion Field Manual here...

Stef said...

@Rory - understood, the Trotsky quote wasn't directed at anyone in particular but I can see why you would think so

and I think the vast majority of people would rather not see hate marches of any kind on our streets and should be able to agree on that at the very least

Stef said...

And again, how beautifully clean these videos are. No dead, just smoke and firecrackers. Amazing, isn't it?

Well quite. The emphasis on body counts and the number of weapons retrieved has a nice nostalgic Vietnam feel to it as well

The problem being that every time you kill an insurgent or, even worse, a civilian standing between you and the insurgent you end up contributing to insurgent recruitment

And there's absolutely no point in collecting small arms when the trucks full of opium that your leaders are permitting to leave the country come back loaded up with AK47s and RPGs

Well, it's good for the arms dealers I suppose

It would seem that the people who start these little wars haven't learned a fucking thing since 1972

Or maybe, just maybe, they know very well what they're doing...

Sophia said...


Thanks for the link. I agree with you, let them march. I have never seen something so ridiculous. But one might expect that with one year left for warmongerers at the white house, they have the sense of urgency, an 'urge', as Martin Amis would say.