Friday, October 01, 2004

Stef's photography power tips

Turbo-charge your photography with my power tips ...
The web is full of photographic sites that explain the basic rules of photographic composition; keep the horizon straight, avoid camera shake, avoid cluttered composition etc. etc.
OK, you've bought a state of the art, fully automated camera and you've learned and adhere to the basic rules of photographic composition but it's not enough is it? Your pictures still lack a certain 'oomph' factor. What you're lacking, what you need, are Stef's Power Tips to Supercharge Your Photography. Here they are ...


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Mike said...

Thank God for a healthy dose of refreshing scepticism. Haven't enjoyed any blog recently quite as much as yours. All sounds just like myself. Is there life in Britain still, I've been asking myself. Yes, and Yes I can now joyously pronounce. keep it up, sunshine. Mike (from't'North)