Friday, October 29, 2004

The romance of Night Buses

Dublin Night Buses - clearly different to London
A friend just sent me a series of poster pictures for Dublin Nitelink Buses.

They feature a series of Double Entendres which convey the image of Dublin Night Buses as being THE way to go home and have steamy sex after a good night out in the City Centre. Yes, Dublin Night Buses are less of a means of transportation and more a mobile extension of Dublin's Night Clubs e.g.
  • 'Ladies. The poles are fitted for Your Safety. No Dancing'
  • 'At the end of the night it's a guaranteed ride'
  • 'What comes more quickly than your boyfriend?'
  • 'Please ensure you have the correct partner before leaving the bus'
So, naturally, I got to thinking how a similar campaign for London Night Buses would work ...
  • 'Ladies. Please check your chosen seat for warm pee before sitting down'
  • 'Gentlemen. Kindly refrain from assaulting your driver whilst the bus is in motion'
  • 'London Night Buses - sometimes preferable to being sexually molested by an unlicenced minicab driver'
  • 'You provide the chunder. We provide the receptacle'


keymanwst said...

I would like to find these 4 Nitelink posters. Did you get the source from that friend? Many thanks.

Stef said...

I only received relatively low res copies of the posters - four of which can be found on my Flickr account starting here ...

keymanwst said...

Thanks. I would like hi-res versions--would like to be able to print in about 10x14 inch to post in the loo at an Irish Pub. These will work--thanks again.