Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Biscuit Game


Apologies for all those young mum's and dads who have visited my homepage on the basis that they would find pictures of their kids eating cake at various birthday parties I have attended recently; only to stumble upon a series of foaming and profane polemics about global conspiracy, the futility of 21st century lifestyles, pain, misery and death.

I have now segregated all potentially thought-provoking content and placed it on my new domain www.biscuitgame.com, rather than www.zucconi.co.uk, so that you can proceed without the risk of encountering any material that might cause you to think about the world you live in or anything distressing like that. Say hello to the guys at IKEA for me next time you're there will you ...

Anyway, back to my main blog and the many good and not so good things it contains here ...


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