Friday, October 29, 2004

£100m buys you a Minister

What this needs is a dedicated Minister
I've just discovered that the UK has a Minister for Gambling. Andrew McIntosh is his name.

Fabulous. Does that mean we can look forward to new government ministeries for other vices, human frailties and exploitative industries?

  • Minister for Ciggies?
  • Minister for Cock Fighting?
  • Minister for Alco-Pops?
  • Minister for Avarice?
  • Minister for Up-skirt Camera Phone Pictures Taken On Public Transport? (the Japanese have one of those already)
  • Minister for Those Middle-Aged Blokes Who Dress Up In Nappies And Pay Semi-Retired Prostitutes To Wash Them?
  • Minister for Chart Ring Tones
We only have 650 MPs. It won't be enough.

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