Monday, October 11, 2004

Careers advice from the BBC

I just visited the BBC website to enter a competition they were hosting. Whilst there I noticed a quiz called 'What Kind of Thinker are You?'. Why not have a go I thought. The result was ...
You are an Existential Thinker!

Existential thinkers:

  • Like to spend time thinking about philosophical issues such as "What is the meaning of life?"
  • Try to see beyond the 'here and now', and understand deeper meanings
  • consider moral and ethical implications of problems as well as practical solutions

Other Existential Thinkers include

The Buddha, Gandhi, Plato, Socrates, Martin Luther King

Careers which suit Existential Thinkers include:

Philosopher, Religious Leader, Head of state, Artist, Writer

I particularly enjoyed the line 'Other Existential Thinkers include'. So the full list should read 'Stef, The Buddha, Gandhi, Plato, Martin Luther King'
Wow! That was so useful. I'll be popping off to Job Club tomorrow and ask them if they have any Head of State or Philosophy positions on their books.

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