Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Somebody must be doing something right redux

Anyone who has bumped into this blog more than a couple of times will have noticed that I have doubts about the Official Narrative of the July 7th bombings and the wider War on Terror

And whenever the subject of July 7th comes up I endorse the efforts of the July 7th Truth Campaign - a group of people who try very hard to research the Official Narrative of 7/7 in as objective and sensitive a way as they can

Naturally enough, there are other 7/7 sceptics out there who are little less objective and a little less sensitive about how they go about things

Some of those other 7/7 sceptics also have some pretty peculiar beliefs and opinions on other subjects

but, in the same way that I don't accuse all Labour Party supporters of being mass murdering genocidal twunts simply because they support a political party which has given safe haven and a platform to mass murdering genocidal twunts, that doesn't mean I or other 7/7 sceptics agree with or approve of some of the nonsense other self-professed 7/7 'conspiracy theorists' come out with

This should be an obvious enough point but, sadly, it appears to be too intellectually demanding for certain bloggers and other members of the 'commentariat' to grasp

A few months ago I mentioned that the BBC was putting together a documentary (sic.) about 7/7 Conspiracy Theories. I also mentioned that everyone I personally rate in the field of sceptical 7/7 research had told the BBC to go fuck itself. I speculated at the time that, cheated of its prey, the BBC would probably whisk up a few genuine nutters and/or provocateurs, pretend that they were the real™ and representative voice of 7/7 scepticism and do a number on them

A few months after my post a guy called Nick Kollerstrom hove into view - billed by 7/7 conspiracy theory debunkers as a 'leading' 7/7 conspiracy theorist and exposed (sic.) as a revisionist Holocaust Denier at more or less the same time

I love coincidences

Well, the completely unplanned, unmanaged, cross-media marketing campaign that is Operation BBC Conspiracy Files now appears to be entering its next phase

A spot of manufactured outrage in the
Evening Standard...

'BBC buys holocaust denier sandwich shock horror!!'

and the Daily Telegraph...

and The Sun...

and, of course, Melanie Phillips is in on the act too...

Melanie Phillips

"And now some further evidence of the BBC’s famed commitment to its public service principles of fairness, balance and objectivity for which British taxpayers stump up the licence fee. The London Evening Standard reports that the BBC paid expenses to Nicholas Kollerstrom for contributing to Conspiracy Files, a documentary about theories surrounding the 7/7 London tube and bus bombings. Kollerstrom, a Holocaust denier, has pestered families bereaved by the 7/7 bombs, claiming the attacks were an intelligence agency plot."

"The BBC treats conspiracy crackpots like this as legitimate sources of information because it produces programmes which, merely by investigating them, give credence to crackpot conspiracy theories involving Americans, Israel and the Jews. And that is because it leads the field in Britain’s current abandonment of reason and embrace of irrationality and prejudice towards America, Israel and the Jews."

Mel may be a frothy-mouthed shill but she's not a stupid frothy-mouthed shill. She must know full well that the only reason the BBC gives hand-picked people like Dr Nick occasional airtime is to smear anyone with legitimate doubts about official fairy tales by associating them with moonbats like Dr Nick.

By slagging off the Beeb for doing the interests she cheerleads for a favour, Melanie is trying have her cake and eat it. Only her mouth is probably so full of bile she probably couldn't get it down anyway

and, as with the police and politicians doing the terrorists' work for them by bigging up their capabilities at every opportunity, even if I didn't have doubts about the Official July 7th Narrative in the first place, the fact that the BBC needs to resort to such slimy tricks would just scream out to me that something about the War of Terror fable is terribly amiss


and, on the subject, of smearing by association there's a flier doing the rounds which gives the impression that some folk from J7T are appearing at a meeting with Muslim academic Nafeez Ahmed in London later this month

only they're not - I've just checked. And there's a very a good chance that the 'J7 researchers' billed in the flier are none other than every 7/7 sceptic's favourite holocaust denier Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom.

which, whether he realises it or not, probably means that Nafeez is a closet Islamorevisionst (the next exciting development in sticking the word 'Islamo' in front of something unpleasant - Islamofundamentalist, Islamofascist, Islamorevisionist, Islamokiddiefiddler, Islamotrafficwarden, etc etc)

and remember boys and girls, if you doubt what your government and newspapers are telling you you're probably a Nazi, or mad, or, more than likely, both



paul said...

You have to admit it's wonderfully effective. Anyone with a well organised set of questions regarding these matters are marginalised.
They can't participate because they know they don't stand a chance in the editing suite.
If anyone bothered to ask, the BBC can claim they didn't want to 'cooperate' with the corporation and they will have limited the matter for the viewing public to freak show characters like dr nick.
This shifts the subject away from a significant but curiously uninvestigated atrocity to the poor taste,tactics and abilities of a few people.
The fact that, aside from the regular nightly news' parroting of the narrative, the only coverage of the event is a thinly disguised reality show entertainment bin makes me wonder if it's sufficient that chomskian 'filters' at play or there is a determined campaign to put the lid on things.
Considering the selective and misleading 'whack a mole' coverage of the multifarious chilling carnage trials stops me wondering at all.
This occult process is fascinating to ponder though.

paul said...

Ps I wonder how many license fees have gone to the hag philips over the years, merely for spouting her dark and deranged conspiracy theories?

Wolfie said...

Wow, the holy trinity. BBC + Evening Standard + Melanie Phillips (probably with a JC arc).

Somebody really has a problem with even the slightest diversion from the script. I do find MP a fascinating anathema, I would quite like to meet her - perverse that it may sound.

Anonymous said...

"... the fact that the BBC needs to resort to such slimy tricks ..."

One example of such a slimy trick that lowered their estimation in my eyes occurred a long, long time ago. When they decided to do Eastenders in order to compete with Coronation Street; they purposely cast people who had criminal backgrounds; people who were substance abusers and who had very little acting abilities. The point of doing so was that they knew that the press would uncover the unsavoury past of the actors and keep the soap in the newspapers weeek after week, no matter how crap the programme. Pure Sefton Dalmer.

Stef said...

I wonder how many license fees have gone to the hag philips over the years

add Mel's mate Michael Gove to the list too

Anonymous said...

people who were substance abusers and who had very little acting abilities.

It must have been hard to avoid those rahnd abaht Television Centre.

Stef said...

makes me wonder if it's sufficient that chomskian 'filters' at play or there is a determined campaign to put the lid on things

that is one of the big questions isn't it?

a few years ago I personally would have marked down the disgraceful behaviour of the mainstream press as being the result of systemic, impersonal chomskian filters

now, after a few years of studying the antics of the news media a little more closely, I've realised that you've got to be out of your box to believe that it all happens just because it does

Stef said...

... John Pilger wrestling with the question of mainstream press filtration here

FightChoreographer said...

This man failed his audition for Eastenders

Max Clifford said...

I do Cross Media Marketing, more often than not featuring at least one Nazi.

ziz said...

One of the more memorable outings of Mr Gove was last Friday on Newnight when he ws asked to rview Dolly Parton's latest CD.

I would dearly love to meet Mr Kellerstrom and find out how the BBC found out about him.

I have never seen anythig he has written about 7/7, and am a fairly keen student.

There are also people who might go some way with his hypothesis that the 7/7 ers were patsies who do not however a) come from the panet Zog b) have written about such theories - who remain untroubled by BBC researchers.

Stef said...

One of the more memorable outings of Mr Gove was last Friday on Newnight when he ws asked to rview Dolly Parton's latest CD.

pearls before swine

Little Sparrow is on my wireless portable tape cassette player even as I type

Anonymous said...

The writing was on the wall wasn't it? I think many of us spotted it.

"They" do go fishing in the hope they can catch a whiff od Holocaust Denial/Revisionism / Hitler Admirer / Nazi / blah blah blah - who hasn't been subjected to that. I suspect Kollerstrom simply fell foul of it.

Knowing the MSM, it is possible Kollerstrom might have said he was only speaking for himself and not assuming to speak on anyone elses behalf, and he may have decided to take the bull by the horns afterall time is moving ever forward and the independent inquiry is if anything more distant than ever not least due to the passage of time.

Is he a plant, a gatekeeper or just an idiot maybe some or none.

Personally, I think skepticism is infectious, I'm not surprized 9-11 and 7-7 skeptics would question the percieved geopolitical and historical maninstream.

BUT they should run marathons to make it know they are simply speaking on their behalf if there is any chance of bringing the deeply admirably work of J7 truth into disrepute.

Kollerstrom may just be stupid and nieve thinking the BBC will give him a fair hearing, afterall it spends vast amounts of money trying to portray itself as fair.

paul said...

Most people will believe anything as long as the majority also believe it. Its better to be wrong with friends than right alone.

Im with Twain on this one.

CraigMc said...

Is he a plant, a gatekeeper or just an idiot maybe some or none.

Whoops, there goes another....

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment from Operation Billiards

"I was arrested on 8 August 1992, and convicted on 18 November 1993 of contravening the Official Secrets Act. I was accused of leaking sensitive military information to a Russian, who was never identified, and this was a claim for which no evidence could be produced. In reality, it now seems that I entrapped by MI5, and this is presumably why they could not admit that the money they gave me had been taken out of a bank by a British, rather than a Russian, intelligence office.

The farce of the trial that I was subjected to was injustice enough, but in order to convict me the CPS had to produce evidence that I had been, or was going to, hand over British “secrets” to an enemy of the State. This was rather difficult to prove without the gross exaggeration and lies on the part of the Prosecution but, nevertheless, these people were prepared to go to extraordinary lengths in order to deceive the jury and the British people.

There was nothing above “restricted” documents involved in my case, and the key exhibit, on which the jury were invited to convict me, was carefully described as so sensitive that it could endanger the lives of British servicemen, enabling an enemy to understand and jam the ALARM missile system.

Well, it is now known that the document concerned, dated 1982, was in fact made obsolete in 1984, and it was superseded by a different specification that was declassified to “unclassified”. This vital evidence was never disclosed to my Defence, and has never been admitted by the MoD or other bodies involved with my case. However, as a result of these lies in court, I was given a 20 year sentence, and I spent over 10 years in prison.

Now, take the case of the civil servant who left his documents on a train. The reports involved were said to be extremely sensitive matters concerning Al Qaeda and Iraq’s security forces, and they were marked “Top Secret” and “Secret” - they were clearly current documents about very serious matters indeed. These documents were left completely unsecured and could have found their way to terrorist groups or to others who could have used that information to endanger British interests. With the classification being at the top of the range, these documents had been considered very sensitive, and yet the system was so weak that the documents could be taken out of the buildings where they were stored, and idly left on the seat of a train for anybody to read.

This all makes me very angry, because I spent years in a maximum security prison for merely having possession of an old obsolete document, which was misrepresented to the jury in order to convict me. In this recent case, the documents really were sensitive, and they were treated with apparently very little respect.

So what will happen to the civil servant concerned? How many years can we expect that he will he spend in prison for his indiscretion - or will he even lose his job? This is the hypocrisy within the system, and why people who weep crocodile tears about national security and terrorism should be treated with the contempt that they deserve. Nothing is going to happen to this guy, except a slap on the wrist, while people like me are crucified to appease the great God of National Security. Fuck you, all you bastards who think you are above the Law.

dan said...

...the great God of 'National Security'

...or sometimes described as 'the public interest'


Stef said...

"Yes I was told that the BBC crew was intending to come and film but since it’s now going to be just a Nafeez Ahmed evening (Nick having agreed to stay away hence Nafeez having re-confirmed) I doubt they’ll be interested, with all due respect to Nafeez! but they’ve probably been instructed to rubbish 7/7-ers. In any case they need to clear it with us that they are coming and they haven’t so far done so."