Monday, June 30, 2008

It was my pleasure, don't mention it

I'm currently in the process of dismantling my home, well its contents, piece by piece which means I'm not posting very much lately

Which I regret, as all sorts of interesting things are happening

Not least this breaking news from The Independent yesterday that...

"Spin doctor behind Davis's campaign promotes ID cards"; Spin doctor behind Davis's campaign promotes ID cards"

My regular reader and Lord Patel's more extensive subscribership might possibly notice one or two slight parallels with posts written by myself and Lord P. a fortnight ago

The Independent credits not one but two journalists with the scoop - one presumably to type the search strings into Google and the other to cut and paste the results into their employer's newspaper

It's worth comparing the last line in yesterday's Independent story...

"Yesterday, Mr Davis told The IoS: "Mr Bell is an old friend. He did initially help set up my website for the present campaign, for which payment will be made and declared in due course." Mr Bell did not respond."

with the Bell quote in the PR Week story which was published shortly after myself and Lord P's posts...

"The website will support Davis' by-election fight following his high-profile resignation from the Conservative Party front bench last week. F-H regional president Kevin Bell said the agency's digital team had been involved in website design, adding that he has known Davis for 20 years. Bell said he would not rule out providing further PR support should Davis need it."

So apparently, Davis is implying that his old friend Bell's involvement stopped at the initial web site registration and design stage, Mr Bell something different

and to the couple of people who suggested to me that any large PR agency is probably going to have a diverse range of clients with contradictory interests and therefore Davis employing F-H is no big deal - can I just remind them that Davis didn't pick F-H because it was a large successful agency. Davis selected it because of Bell.

This stinks to high heaven and, speaking personally, turned me off Davis' campaign as soon as I identified the connection

Still, looking on the bright side, David Icke might be standing against David Davis.

Now if only David Shayler could be persuaded to stand as well, people would have a REAL democratic choice of Messianic Davids to save them from the Shadowy Overlords



Anonymous said...

'But who are they trying to fool here, in this democracy - who but the sovereign people?'

See Virilio P, The Information Bomb, p25.

Anonymous said...

Along with all of the above, we have Mish's latest analysis, "Deflationary Hurricanes to Hit U.S. and U.K..

Frightening reading.

Merkin said...

As Scottish representative for The Church of the Militant Elvis, I have pleasure in confirming that Lord Biro will indeed be standing for election against Davis.

Lord Biro has excited passing mention on this site before.

Anonymous said...

I still think that someone should stand against Davis who is a representative of the (Swiftian?) fascist party.

They can take the opportunity to point out how successful the fascist programme is going at the moment. They can also advocate new policies.

Eg, two minutes of hate led by Melanie Philips (well, we've sort of got that already); loss of sovereignty over one's identity (err, we've got that already); loss of sovereignty over one's money (err, ditto). mmmmmm

ziz said...

A redeeming feature of this sad tale of data theft is that they did at least turn to very reputable and historically accurate sources for their information.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but the alternative to supporting Davis is 42 days gets less resistance / extrapolated endorsement.

Icke for MP? Why not LOL? Be he a part of the rot or not, at least it would have some colour about it as it withers.

lwtc247 (with moniker probs)

Anonymous said...

Thus spake Murray

(Craig Murray re Andrew Mackinlay being smeared).

Anonymous said...

A couple of points from the Murray link,

"As for the odious Geoff Hoon, Chief Whip from Minister of Defence? It seems the hopelessly impotent Hoon is given increasingly unimportant jobs until they find one he can actually do - a reverse Peter principle I hereby christen the Geoff principle. Personally I suggest they put him in charge of a sub-Post Office, and then close it."

The reverse Peter principle isn't called the Geoff principle but the Buff principle.

From the Hansard link, Mackinlay says, "The other thing that I want to share with the House—I have hesitated about this—is that I, as a diligent Member of Parliament, take an interest in many parts of the world, and from time to time, as other Members of Parliament do, I meet an official from the Russian embassy, to ascertain the Russian Government’s views. We cannot rely on the British press and media and certainly not on the British Government’s objectivity in such matters."

Ah, a conspiraloon then.