Monday, April 03, 2006

The War on Serious Organised Crime begins...

Exciting news today with the launch of Britain’s very own FBI-style national crime fighting unit – the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

Another fine example of our government working for us.


  1. Drop your national pants for ten years and let your country become a haven for some of the nastiest criminals on God’s earth
  2. Accuse anybody who gets upset about that of being either a racist or paranoid
  3. Finally acknowledge the scale of the issue you created
  4. Set up an expensive police agency to deal with the problem - in the certain knowledge that it wont

The comparison being made between SOCA and the FBI is particularly amusing, given that the FBI did roughly nothing about organised crime, especially the Mafia, in the 48 years J Edgar Hoover was in charge. On the other hand, Himmler’s, sorry Hoover’s FBI was more than effective when it came to putting together personal blackmail files on any public figures Hoover deemed to be un-American. Hoover writing to Martin Luther King and suggesting that he commit suicide or else be exposed as an adulterer was a particular high point in the history of the war on organised crime.

Anyway, given that Hoover was allegedly a homosexual transvestite who liked to be referred to as Mary when attending Mafia organised fuck parties there clearly is one outstanding candidate to head up Britain’s own FBI equivalent...

Eddie Izzard

He likes wearing dresses and is a complete whore when it comes to taking money to speak for dubious causes; be it the Euro or bollocks government initiatives.

He’s made for the job


The Antagonist said...

I'm surprised that David Mills, Tony Blair et al, including the never-ending list of surreptitious financiers of our fine, upstanding and incestuously corrupt State of mendacious International Criminals and Murderers, haven't already had their doors battered down by the armed SOCA militia of fingermen.

Fingers crossed....

Postman said...

Stef - interesting folks on the Body that runs SOCA - Ex General who is Non Exec Dir of Aegis etc.,

see my pce.

Stef said...

Have already been there and done that ;)

and am looking forward to a safer Britain under SOCA's tender care