Thursday, April 06, 2006

Truth or spoof?

I’m still rubbing my eyes after reading this quote from a senior US Republican Senator, Bill Frist, made in the context of allegations that the Bush Administration was exercising undue influence over the media

"Of course it raises some concerns, but we can't let this issue be blown out of proportion. Of course there have to be media guidelines. Hell, if we want to plant I.D. chips in people and torture their loved ones until they break, we will. I know the idea of governmental control over what the media can or cannot say during wartime may be an uncomfortable topic for some to digest, but it is a necessary fact of life when our enemies are trying to kill us."

Mind you, I read it on the Fox News website so it must be true


Daniel said...

Hitler would have been proud of this guy! :O

Stef said...

the answer is spoof ;)

I had to do a double take before being sure though