Monday, April 10, 2006

The Golden Era of European Politics

I’m supposed to be visiting Italy for a few days later in the month. Hopefully, that will afford me the opportunity to gauge people’s reactions first hand to what looks like to be a general election victory for Romano Prodi.

Crumbs, if the radical Prodi really does win the entire fabric of Italian politics will change for ever.

Ho ho


Conspiracy theorists, anti-war and anti-globalisation campaigners alike really should spend more time reading up on the history of Italian politics from the 1970s through to the Berlusconi era. It’s all there; assassinations, false flag terrorist incidents, supposed political opponents funded by the same shadowy figures, quasi-masonic secret societies, CIA funded terrorist networks, media manipulation, intelligence services hampering investigations, corporate fraud and corruption, the works

And being Italians, they were really crap at it and some of the players actually got caught and convicted.

But, of course, this sort of stuff only happened in one country at one point in time and definitely doesn’t happen anywhere else, anymore.

Definitely not.

My favourite story from that one-off, never to be repeated, Golden Era of European politics happened when Romano Prodi contacted the authorities with the address of a safe house in which kidnapped Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro had been held by supposed terrorists.

Prodi claimed he had been given the tip by the founders of the Italian Christian Democratic Party, contacted from beyond the grave via a seance and a Ouija board.

Prodi and Blair and George W. should get on like a house on fire.


Garry said...

Here's a prediction for you: When Blair eventually goes, he'll naturally get a peerage, AND he'll be a VERY high profile convert to catholicism.

As for Prodi. In the last week, running up to the election, I've noticed he's got a very sympathetic coverage from BBC Radio 4. Probably because of their distaste for a shit like Berlusconi.

Stef said...

I won't be taking that bet

Daniel said...


Social Democracy Now said...

And what about the accidental death of an anarchist? You forgot to mention that.