Sunday, April 23, 2006

Travel photography made easy with Google

It’s only over the last few days that I’ve started playing with Google Earth in any serious way and I’m starting to get quite excited about its future potential.

For example, here’s an, admittedly ropey, picture I took in Italy last week

and here’s what I managed to come up with after no more than two minutes fiddling on Google Earth.

At this rate, five years down the line I’ll be able to set up a clip art gallery featuring people I know, a few dead dogs and a selection of charming indigenous poor people clutching their babies, chuck all my photographic equipment away and spend my evenings cutting and pasting them into backdrops generated on the Internet. Marvellous


Mick said...

I have the same problem of thinking faster than I can type. I am still a one finger kind of guy. Google earth is great though it can be pretty frustrating when you try to zoom in on your house and just see fuzz. Is there some sort of pattern where by the hot dry areas seem the clearest. Gibraltar and Morocco are amazingly clear, northern Ontario is just green fuzz? Mick

Anonymous said...

smart cookie has written a bit of code which allows you tag your photo on flickr in such a way that if you click on a link it will boot up GoogleEarth and 'fly' you to the place you were standing when you took the picture.

Stef said...

Execllent toy Anon - thanks

Mick - Love the headgear