Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Stockwell shooting - it just gets worse and worse

In case anyone misses the news, Jean Charles de Menezes has been cleared of the the rape allegation considerately leaked to the press by the police a couple of months ago.

Now there’s a surprise.

So, by my reckoning that’ll now be the results of four separate fair and impartial inquiries needing a thorough dry cleaning before publication

  • the inquiry into his execution at Stockwell station
  • the inquiry into why the head of the Metropolitan Police claimed JCdM was a terrorist even when he should have known (did know?) that he was not
  • the inquiry into who altered surveillance logs from that day
  • an investigation into which douche bag in the Metropolitan Police leaked the unsubstantiated rape allegation to the the newspapers and why

Just to be clear as to my concern over this case…

We’ve come to a state of affairs in this country where our security services can execute someone in public, get caught out lying, alter evidence and smear the victim’s character and get away with it scot free

Nothing to worry about really. Everything’s just fucking peachy.

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The Antagonist said...

Best not mention Ian Blair's letter requesting the IPCC inquiry be delayed, dated the day BEFORE de Menezes was shot and which was delivered to John Gieve, by hand, ON THE DAY de Menezes was shot.

Bag's rants has a succinct little post which explains everything everyone needs to know.

The French are light years ahead of us.