Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Can't Believe It's Not a Proper Inquest!! pt4

Given that the J7 team are doing an excellent job of analysing the material generated by the 7/7 Inquest over at their dedicated blog J7: 7/7 Inquests Blog, I do not intend to duplicate their effort by posting my own version of their work.

I may, however, make occasional posts on issues that I wish to amplify or offer a slightly different take on

The latest post on the J7 Inquests Blog discusses the evidence that there may been more than four people in the group of alleged bombers that visited London on 7/7, and the off-hand treatment of that evidence by 7/7 Inquest officials...

A commentator underneath one of my recent posts seemed to think that because I and others have issues with the absence of relevant CCTV material that maybe we are under the impression that the four alleged bombers didn't visit London on 7/7.


There could just as easily have been five, or six, or zero, or, yes, even four bombers who travelled down to London by train on the morning of 7/7

I haven't the faintest idea

That's my problem with the Official Narrative

The only alternative theory I am promoting is that I think the Official 7/7 Narrative is currently unsupported by evidence of a quality that would secure a criminal conviction 'beyond reasonable doubt'

and that's putting it mildly


Additional 7/7 Inquest analyses that people have made me aware of since my last post include...

Terror on the Tube

Thanks to the commentator who pointed me to Nick Kollerstrom's posting on the 7/7 Inquest. Dr Nick has admittedly assisted with some useful research on 7/7, particularly in establishing that the original version of the Official 7/7 Narrative had the alleged bombers travelling to London on a train that didn't run. An all the more impressive performance from the Official Narrative given that it also alluded to witnesses on that non-existent train

I do, however, have a major problem with the quality of Dr Nick's judgment. Not least the fact that he decided to diversify into a spot of Jewish holocaust revisionism where he put his name to an article which implied that Auschwitz was some kind of Nazi Butlins; complete with swimming pool, water polo and picture postcards. An article that the mainstream and controlled alternative media got righteously steamed up about just before Dr Nick offered himself up for selectively-edited sacrifice by the BBC's Conspiracy Files

Wish You Were There?
Nazi Slave Labour Camps - The Kollerstrom View

Out of respect to the useful work that he has done, I'll link to Dr Nick's current posting on the 7/7 Inquest but I won't be including his site on any permanent link listings, as he has demonstrated that he is more than capable of pulling off feats of outstanding foolishness at the drop of a hat

Personally speaking, I may, on occasions, attempt to use crude humour or a superficially flippant style when writing about issues such as 7/7 but I never forget that this is a serious business and that 56 people died violent deaths on 7/7. This is not some abstract intellectual entertainment and to even hope to achieve some kind of positive result I believe that we sceptics have to educate ourselves to exercise good judgment and common sense demonstrated by Keelan Balderson, producer of 7/7 The Big Picture, over at

Keelan's just put out a podcast containing a reasoned critique of the 7/7 Inquest (the 7/7 material starts 20 minutes in). The podcast, like 7/7 The Big Picture, is a little rough around the edges but nevertheless contains good information and reasoning. It is clear that Keelan is working hard towards developing an evidence-based analytical approach that tries to avoid the flights of fancy that have been attributed to Conspiraloons in the past

Tom Secker, the producer of another indepedent 7/7 Documentary, Seeds of Deconstruction is another researcher who seems to me to be trying to exercise critical judgment in his handling of the 7/7 material. Tom's take on the 7/7 Inquest thus far can be found over at his blog Howard Beale's News Hour

By their forensic nature, the articles I've linked to above are quite long and detailed. As such they illustrate one of the dilemmas faced by independent researchers who are sceptical of government narratives

If those researchers perform painstaking, meticulous research they are accused of being pedantic, train-spotter types who waste their lives teasing out the kind of tiny inconsistancies that even a completely honest narrative would contain

If those researchers don't perform painstaking, meticulous research they are then subject to the kind of bullshit typified by this comment from an anonymous bell-end underneath a link to J7 on the Indymedia site...

"18.10.2010 14:42
Most of your claims around 77 were around pulling apart the original and sparse CCTV released but now there has been a wealth of it been released your claims are meaningless. All these theories trickle down from Alex Jones, David Icke and others who make a lot of money from books, DVDs and lecture tours. You accuse people of being sheep for following 'mainstream media' but then you get your information from the likes of Infowars a site that tells its readers they need guns and gold to protect themselves, and they happen to sell it! Sorry Troofers, 911 was an outside job, 77 was an outside job. PS Just because you put the word 'truth' on your websites and in the name of your groups doesn't mean it is true."

J7 doesn't plug guns and gold. I don't plug guns and gold. None of us rely on Jones or Icke as primary sources. There is no wealth of CCTV, and the kind of person who posts mendacious nonsense like this is either a natural fucking idiot or a professional fucking idiot

And never, not once, in years of posting hundreds of sceptical articles have I had to resort to misrepresenting the views of people I disagree with. I may be off the mark with some of the views I hold but if that ever turns out to be the case I would have been honestly wrong and I have not lied to others, or myself.

And if I ever found myself behaving in that way I hope I'd be honest enough to ask myself what kind of Truth it is I pretend to be defending through the application of misrepresentation and deceit



Edo said...

"And if I ever found myself behaving in that way I hope I'd be honest enough to ask myself what kind of Truth it is I pretend to be defending through the application of misrepresentation and deceit"

don't worry mate, you haven't.

Stef said...

Cheers Edo

I owe you and a couple of other folks replies to emails you've sent me but I've been a little too distracted to respond to. Rest assured, it's all deeply appreciated

Stef said...

and going back to the Icke/ Jones thing that is so often chucked in the faces of people who are sceptical about 7/7 and other suspicious events in the UK

I'm not sure it has never happened but I am hard put to think of an occasion when Icke or the Jones Boys have ever linked to or credited J7, Yours Truly or Lord Patel when he was still with us. They've certainly used material and turns of phrase sourced from our corner of the Internet but as far as any direct endorsement goes, they won't touch us with a barge pole

Lord P. and Yours Truly probably disqualified ourselves on the basis that our sites were and are on the sweary side

But J7?

Why doesn't Jones or Icke or any other of a multitude of widely-promoted loons ever give the most objective 7/7 research site on the web an occasional boost?

Why would that be?

All the more reason to know that anyone who tries to associate 'us' with 'them' is lying through their fucking teeth

Stef said...

ooops, there I go again

the guns and gold brigade sure don't like them naughty words

they piss Baby Jesus right off

Edo said...

Icke and Jones...

Sounds like a TV show. Or a band from the 60s.

To a greater or lesser degree, the Ickeans and Joneses of this world have their appeal, if not for the veracity of 'their' research, then for theatrical entertainment.

I've often pondered the question (to myself and of the whole conspiraloon® movement) as to why this research is so often treated as entertainment by those viewing it.

It's plain to see what's in it for the Icke's and Jones' of this world. Claim others' research as your own, then flog it on one of your speaking engagements or DVDs.

numeral said...

When Dr. K attended the inquests he wore his cap in Heather's courtroom - in the annex but it is still considered part of the court. Disrespect! He also had to told off by the ushers at least twice for wanding into the journo's section of the annex.

Hu Bris said...

Being too lazy to re-type my thoughts on Icke and Jones , I'll just link to, and repost, a comment relating to both of them which I posted on an aangirfan blogpost.

I have nwo idea who Icke is working for, but his modus operandi appears to be that he provides some very solid info [with evidence] on the influence of banking cartels and on the nature of ‘the system’, and the immediately ruins it all by flipping into “The Reptiles are coming to get you”-mode.

Almost all of his info about banks and ‘the system’ can be documented and verified. NONE of the ‘info’ about Reptiles is ever backed up by any documentary evidence. I have seen him interview a number of people who claim to have first hand knowledge of these reptiles and their power yet I have never seen him provide ANY valid documentary info relating to who the interviewees are or how they would be in a position to have witnessed these reptilian transformations, nor has he ever managed to validate these peoples claims. In effect he has given no reason as to why we should believe these people. This is curious and very inconsistent in light of that fact that all but the reptilian claims can be verified.

His job is ‘to poison the well’ – Just like that moron Alex Jones.

‘Well poisoners’ both of them

Jones’ Bohemian Grove ‘expose’ was laughably pathetic. Not a single piece of ‘evidence’ was contained in the whole ‘documentary'. All we saw was some bad camera footage of some upper-middle-class people gathering together at a woodland camp. He claimed to have footage of a nefarious ceremony called ‘The cremation of care’ yet absolutely NOTHING of any incriminating nature was contained in the footage.

In the end a skeptical person would have to conclude that it was ‘much ado about nothing’ despite Jones’ ridiculously hyperbolic rhetoric

Edo said...

Hubris, thanks for that. I notice Nobody's quote above yours too which said it all to me,

"Both of them have their moments. But that's the point of disinfo - most of it is true. The ticket is to leave out the key protagonists. Which protagonists do these two leave out? Um, no prizes for guessing since it's way too easy.

But I'll give you a clue - Jones says Hollywood is owned and run by Arabs.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. C'mon, that's funny isn't it?"

I rate his blog by the way.
Church of Nobody - check it out.

Stef said...

It's worth remembering that Alex Jones produced his Bohemian Grove expose in colllaboration with Jon Ronson

Any budding conspiranauts not up to speed with what Jon's game is all about can get googling

Stef said...

as for the likely protagonists, even aangirfan has recently, and maybe grudgingly, acknowledged that we're all subject to the interaction of more than one powerful interest groups

and the vice they all share in common is not their ethnicity

Stef said...

but the Jones Arab quote is funny

you can almost taste Jones' embarrassment as he's delivering it

Malcolm said...

I respect your view but I just don't buy the idea that Jones and Icke are well-poisoners. It seems to me conspiraloonery is too rife with this sort of charge - if you don't agree with someone he must be in the pay of the NWO or something.

Icke works damn hard and gets endlessly mocked & ridiculed. I think he goes through all that because he is sincere and believes what he preaches. As for Jones, maybe a lot of his stuff is crap, but much of it isn't. He was my gateway to 9/11 Truth and false flag terrorism and other such matters. Without that gateway I wouldn't be reading this blog. I imagine there are an awful lot more people out there who no longer blindly accept the official narrative because of Alex Jones.

If I'm right, that makes him a pretty crap well-poisoner.

Hu Bris said...

and the vice they all share in common is not their ethnicity
No, it ain't just ethnicity

Entrapment Blackmail & Coercion*, through the use of incriminating video-evidence, is how they roll, I reckon

(* I googled the phrase 'coercion bribery' because I, for some strange reason, couldn't remember the word 'Blackmail'- guess what came up as the first return on the Google Search. . . . . - ya couldn't make this s**t up, could ya? ;-)

Hu Bris said...

If I'm right, ... .

There's yer problem right there, Malcolm

Stef said...


Whilst I personally didn't come in via the Jones and Icke route yes, you're right, a lot of people have

I honestly don't pretend to be sure about what's going on with those guys

I remember a presentation Icke gave when he stood againist David Davis in a by election

That was one occasion when he definitely did use some research I did and managed to get a groan of shocked disbelief from his audience when he used it

His presentation that day excluded any reference to Pan Dimensional Space Lizards and went very easy on the Illuminati Bloodlines. And, liberated from that baggage, his material and presentation was absolutely spot on. I recall not finding any siginficant fault with any of it

And then he poos all over that potential with the lizard thing

I'm f*cked if I know what his game is

Hu Bris said...

I notice, Malcolm, that you conveniently ignored my very salient point that Icke NEVER provides ANY evidence when he veers off into Reptile territory.

Icke exits solely so that certain closed-minded idiots can have something to fling at anyone deconstructing the nature of Banking, Usury and 'The system'

Without Icke around what would they have to try and dissuade people from paying attention to, and from reading up on the origins of, the great big hoax that is the present Economic debt-slavery system?

* [through the use of sneering smug references to 'Reptiles!!!']

Stef said...

another thing to bear in mind when considering if Jones is a Pied Piper/ Well Poisoner is that, yes, Jones does open the eyes of a lot of people who can then see through some of his more suspect pronouncements

but how many more people can't see through the BS?

in any manufacturing process you have to expect that a small proportion of your product is not going to come out just the way you want it, but that doesn't stop you manufacturing

Stef said...

It is, I fear, true

If a Lizard Prophet didn't already exist the Powers That Be would have to invent one

Malcolm said...

@Hu Bris

'I notice, Malcolm, that you conveniently ignored my very salient point that Icke NEVER provides ANY evidence when he veers off into Reptile territory.'

That's because I totally agree with you.

Like you I think a lot of his stuff is pretty good and then he comes out with the reptile stuff which is just total bollocks.

I just don't believe he has spent his life being ridiculed, and having his children mocked, banging on about this reptile stuff because he is some sort of paid disinfo merchant.

I think he genuinely believes it. As someone from the Green party once said, 'He never met a conspiracy theory he didn't like'.

Stef said...

ditto for Dr Nick

probably foolish, not wicked

either way, the result's the same though

Malcolm said...


'…but how many more people can't see through the BS?'

I don't know, maybe many of them can't. But anyone who hangs around with Jones long enough to discover that Bill Gates is apparently trying to kill everybody in Africa also gets fully educated on 9/11 and the whole false flag thing. I really can't believe the PWB think that is a good bargain.

In my humble opinion, the one thing 'they' never anticipated with 9/11 is how it would spread on the internet and be the conduit to educating so many people about all these other conspiraloon topics. I fully confess, I had no idea about any of it before I started watching Alex Jones videos on YouTube.

Stef said...


Well quite

People are being exposed to information and ideas, good and bad, that in the past would have taken several lifetimes to accumulate. All in the space of a handful of years

And the more people that get canned, now that all their jobs are being done by the Chinese and Chinese robots, the more people there will be with time on their hands to become fully, um, conspiracized

Ultimately, the only way to really try and halt this process will be to close the Internet, as we currently know it, right down

Stef said...

"Gathering evidence, exposing flaws in official explanations and putting governments under intense scrutiny is NOT paranoic conspiracy theorism. If we are to protect our liberty and that of others we have to question everything. That scrutiny is now taking apart the Government’s account of what happened on July 7, 2005."

luvvly jubbly

Stef said...

/ waiting patiently for those links to the J7 Inquest Blog to appear on Prison Planet,, WRH, etc etc

Stef said...

I suggested that J7 started posting alien autopsy footage, water filter adverts and a real-time gold price widget on their website but would they listen to me?!

The Antagonist said...

Shit, that's where we're going wrong, we're not trying to make any money from what we do!


paul said...

Getting rid of all the immigrants stealing everybody's jobs is an angle you neglect as well.

Stef said...

and you, in turn, are forgetting that a lot of those immigrants work a damn sight harder and for a lot less money than our feckless unemployed

Stef said...

feckin' mexicans

feckin' poles

feckin' muslims

feckin' chavs

etc etc

Stef said...

that's my other Lou Dobbs impression

paul said...

I wouldn't worry about the chavs so much, these things have a way of working themselves out

Since 1997, the highest rates have been in men aged 15-44, peaking in 1998 at 24.0 per 100,000 and then steadily decreasing. In 2008, the rate for this age group increased to 18.6 per 100,000 from 17.6 per 100,000 in 2007.


Maybe a bigger problem than suicide bombers....

Stef said...


paul said...

<tears up j7 IPO >Get with the program!</>

paul said...

And there's a little of this autocide is painless shit

paul said...

Speaking of GOLD tickers, it has come to my attention that some poor fools are still willing to accept fiat money for the magic metal!
Get it while you still can!
I have no interest in this as I am a simple internet national debt clock repairman.
I just think I should pass on this information, so there are enough gold bearing individuals to repopulate the planet after all this is over.