Friday, October 22, 2010

Activist Comedy GOLD!! aka No-one is going to save us, except ourselves

You've got to love the timing of the second placard being raised siliently into view...

...and a couple of gold stars to the cameraman who didn't warn Robinson that his fatuous twaddle,
fatuous twadlle that Robinson's viewers would forget as soon as he stopped talking, was being interrupted by something real

This clip reminded me of a point I've tried to communicate to fellow Loons and Bloggers who still, deep down, nurse the idea that there are 'Good' mainstream journalists out there who, given the right material and circumstances, will help change the world

No, no there are not

There are no dishevelled, semi-alcholic rogues with a passion for a scoop begging their editors for 'just another 24 hours'. Just like there is no Death Star sporting a critical design flaw that makes it vulnerable to a single shot from a lone virtuous warrior

These are myths brought to you by the people who fabricate the news and manufacture Death Stars




lwtc247 said...

Wow. It's confirmed. Nick Robinson is a total shit!

Stef said...

BBC journalist

Total shit?

Seems hardly credible

Edo said...

I love the way another placard comes up the second he tears the other one down...

Are you watching BBC?

Stef said...

Funny because of the timing and implied persistence, yes

Even funnier because I remember these ads