Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Can't Believe It's Not a Proper Inquest!! pt3

Twenty or thirty years ago, proceedings such as the ongoing 7/7 Inquest would have been subject to critical scrutiny by at least some journalists and politicians. Not necessarily because those journalists and politicians suspected a high-level State conspiracy but simply because that's what they were supposedly employed to do, to hold the State to account

In most other dimensions and universes this headline would be considered bollocks

Today, literally not a single paid journalist or politician is exercising any critical scrutiny over the 7/7 Inquest. An inquest into an event which has been used to justify a national commitment to overseas wars and torture, as well as the erosion of domestic civil liberties

Literally dozens of Terror Bastards tooling up for a campaign of bloody mayhem - or some people buying fish fingers. It's difficult to be sure

Over this last weekend a handful of, for want of a better adjective, ordinary people have been working through and analysing transcripts and other material generated by the 7/7 Inquest. These researchers are not being paid for their efforts and they are, in fact, reviled and accused of being mentally ill by the professional whores who should be doing that work

What a screwed up state of affairs we find ourselves in. We live in a time where the range of public discourse permitted to us by our Establishment has been so narrowed that the simple act of being sceptical of government narratives is now routinely dismissed as mental illness

Fuck them

Fuck them all


The folks at J7 have recently started a blog dedicated to their analysis of the material generated by the 7/7 Inquest

The first three posts are...

7 July Inquests: It's A Conspiracy, Stupid!

Which points out that the people running and taking part in the 7/7 Inquest are doing a stand-up job of attributing blame and apportioning guilt to the four alleged 7/7 bombers

...even though a) the Inquest has barely started, and b) the people running and taking part in the 7/7 Inquest have acknowledged that it is not the job of an inquest to attribute blame or apportion guilt anyway

A CCTV Fuss About Nothing?

Which ponders the question of how the Metropolitan Police could have been searching CCTV footage from Luton Station for signs of the alleged bombers one day before the Met had actually identified who the alleged bombers were and where they'd boarded their train. Maybe the Met is in on the secret of time travel?

The Final Curtain - "CCTV rich" to "CCTV FAIL!"

We Conspiranauts are well familiar with the long-established scientific principle that CCTV cameras spontaneously break-down whenever pointed at alleged terrorists carrying out their attacks or policemen shooting innocent people in the back of the head. However, there is still an almost comedic quality to the list of excuses, obsfucation and plain old bullshit that is being offered up by the Met in lieu of actual CCTV coverage from 7/7.

It's all vaguely reminiscent of Monty Python's Cheese Shop sketch - only the Met has got fuck all video evidence rather than cheese

At this rate of foul-ups the 7/7 Inquest is going to tie itself into terminal knots within a few weeks, regardless of however compliant the mainstream media continue to be. Presumably this will have been anticipated and corrective measures will be employed. Such a state of affairs was reached in the weeks after 7/7 when even the mainstream press started to question the suicide bomber narrative. At which point one, then two, 'confession' videos fortuitously emerged on the web and all was right in Official Narrative Land once again

As well as the work being carried out by J7, the researcher behind is also publishing some analysis

And that, aside from some comments posted on this blog, is about it as far as I'm aware of. I do miss Lord Patel's contributions, and Lord Patel, at times like this. If anyone passing through this blog knows of any other decent research (and I think it's fairly clear what I mean by decent) being carried out on the 7/7 Inquest material please do share



Bridget said...

Thanks for the links Stef - I miss Postie big time. I wonder what he'd have to say about Hugo Keith QC's, solicitor to the Inquests, links to David Mills and Berlusconi?

Stef said...

Maybe Hugo can give his mate Silvio a call and discuss the 'absurdity' of false flag terrorism theories

Indulging in a Monday morning game of Terror Connections, I'll connect Hugo to a undisputed false flag train bombing in three...

Hugo Keith to Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi to P2

P2 to the Bologna Massacre


Stef said...

Actually, I was thinking about Berlusconi/ P2/ the Bologna Massacre earlier today and was wondering if the Metropolitan Police had employed a Romano Prodi style ouija board to identify the alleged 7/7 bombers and Luton Station one day before they, er, identified the alleged 7/7 bombers and Luton Station

Kier said...

Thank you, Stef.

Stef said...

Like so many of us Lord Patel was, of course, a massive fan of David Mills

definitely a character worthy of the best system of justice that money can buy

Stef said...


thank all of you

gyges said...

Two points,

I can't believe it's not a proper inquest either and I find it incredibly upsetting.

Secondly, the J7 Inquest Blog tells us that the 76 cameras at Kings Cross malfunctioned.

Does anyone know the nature of the malfunction?

I ask because if the malfunction was joint; ie, one fault affects all of the cameras; rather than several, ie, each camera had a separate fault, then the analysis of the situation with respect to probability would be markedly different.

A rough estimate of 76 cameras severally being at fault is two to the power of 76.

(My estimated is based on the following reasoning ...

the chances of one camera malfunctioning is 1/2; of two cameras malfunctioning; 1/2 * 1/2; of three cameras; etc etc, all the way to 76).

Obviously this probability changes as more information becomes known in a manner explained by the Rev Bayes. But as a maxEnt analysis, I think I'm correct ... but would readily defer to others.

In fact, I post here inviting critical analysis.

Stef said...

I haven't got the link to hand but the story goes that the 76 cameras were fed into a multiplexer which got stuck on the input from just one of those cameras for 20 minutes or so

it's that or the cat ate the footage

Stef said... excuses go it's a real corker as the lost output of 76 cameras can be attributed to just one rather well-timed fault

of course, it would be utterly absurd to suggest that the security forces would ever tamper with rail station CCTV tapes...

Staff say Stockwell Tube shooting was caught on camera

Stef said...

Maybe TFL and the mainline rail companies should buy their surveillance kit from the same place that Asda and B&Q do

and sack the apparently useless fuckers they have been using

numeral said...

The reasons there was no CCTV at Stockwell are perfectly straightforward. There was no footage from the train because the Met seized all the hard drives after 7/7. There was no budget for spares due to efficient modern management practices. There was none on the platform because the builders had been in and trodden on the cable. No surprise there. And so it goes on.

Stef said...

...and the reason why there was no footage of JCdM leaving his flat is that, for technical reasons that are beyond me, the surveillence officer outside couldn't go off and take a leak without first turning his camera off

Stef said...

So they would be special pretend tapes the Met took away from and brought back to Stockwell Station?

Were these apparently contradictory tales ever reconciled?

Bridget said...

Yep they took all the hard drives after 7/7 and still managed to capture the events of 21/7:

BBC NEWS | UK | Court shown dramatic 21 July film

In contrast to 7/7, there was tons of footage from 21/7.

MJ said...

Hello Stef, thanks for a fine analysis, recommended by someone over on Craig's blog.

You ask for other analyses of the "inquest"; you could try Nick Kollerstrom at:

It was Kollerstrom of course who discovered that the 7.40 didn't run that day and the later trains were all delayed, thus causing the Official Narrative to be amended.

How odd the 'thorough' police investigation did not discover this before Kollerstrom.

Anon said...

Stef: these inquests are show trials for the dumbed-down masses and "right-wing" its-the-mooslems-out-to-get-us types. The suits are just getting on with the agenda, which means more genetic\geo-engineering, more wars, more eugenics, more centralisation.

That aside, I appreciate that you took the time to discuss the London bombing inquests in detail, unlike the corporate fascist media arms...

Hu Bris said...

bloody typical!!

I wait weeks for a 15 Megapixels blogpost, and then 3 come along in one day

Anonymous said...

Mercifully though, this one doesn't explode and have a trail of wonky trolly theories follow quickly behind.

Hu Bris said...

nor are they ever likely to use it, in some Satanistic/Masonic-inspired ceremony, to promote the 2012 London Olympics

Stef said...

like this one

I watched that ceremony again recently and I still can't quite believe that it happened