Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time to buy some roubles?

Cheers to anon for this link to a clip of Dmitry Medvedev declaring war on the dollar whilst simultaneously doing a very passable Thomas Jefferson impression

Peculiar times

The really impressive thing is that you can hardly see Putin's lips move throughout



paul said...

There's something a little thunderbirds about that lad

Stef said...


the constant Putinesque reference to countries which actively ring Russian borders with missile systems and heavily armed psychopaths, whilst bombarding the Russian economy with shit money, as being 'friends' and 'partners' are especially amusing

they're a dry bunch those Ruskies

well, in some senses of the word anyway

y said...

Looks like the Ruskies are beginning their ditch of the dollar:

November 11, 2008
Russia backs rouble by sale of $7bn

The central bank sells $7bn of reserves to prop up currency as Moscow stock market is hit by further bout of capital flight
Carl Mortished, World Business Editor

Russia dug deeper into its foreign currency reserves to defend the rouble, selling $7 billion (£4.5 billion) of US currency, as the Moscow stock market was hit by a further bout of capital flight.

In a two-pronged effort to support the Russian currency, the central bank raised its core interest rate by one percentage point to 12 per cent as it sold greenbacks. Russia’s efforts to prop up its currency has cost the country about $100 billion in foreign reserves since the credit crisis began to bite in August.

The central bank widened the range at which it would allow the rouble to trade against the dollar, a move that some analysts believed would trigger further weakness in the Russian currency. The rouble/dollar rate closed at 30.7.


Note how the story is framed in a "Russian is spending loads money in 'defending the (ailing) rouble' " kinda way.

Defending the Russian Rouble - it's the new Iranian Oil Bourse!

y said...

^ The above article is from the Times

Stef said...

Russia’s efforts to prop up its currency has cost the country about $100 billion in foreign reserves


My first thought is that the ex Iraqi Information Minister has got a job writing Forex copy for the Times

One thing not many people are commenting on is now that the US$ is unfeasibly overvalued and the $ price of commodities has slumped there is a most excellent opportunity for any countries holding mounds of US cack paper to play pass the parcel with anyone daft enough to accept US$ in exchange for anything of greater intrinsic value - oil, copper, Franklin Mint collectibles, horse manure, Zimbabwe dollars...

not anonymous said...

a follow up interview to the Medvedev speech

Get ready for hard times

not anonymous said...

here is a good rant that sums up recent financial events

These ARE unprecedented times.

not anonymous said...

the thing I love about the web is that you come across some great rants here is one.

part 1

All is as planned,and It has been planned long ago.
how do you Bankrupt the richest nation in the world.

60's 10 years of war take the gold backing away from the dollar
70's Allow cheap imports into the country to undermine the soft under bally of your manufacturing base.
80's out source and in source labour
90'send your manufacturing base to
India and China.Do not tax the products when the come from those countries.
00's another war 10 years to drain the treasury
2010 North American Union kiss good=bye the Constitution.
these are only a synopsis .
Recently I looking for information online for a video I was making.
I can across the plans for a NEW UN head quarters in Montreal Canada.Looks like they are moving that too.
the complete blowout of America is to make way for the coming North American Union.America is over there is nothing anyone can do.you have borrowed yourself in a cesspit ,your govt at all levels have borrowed themselves into a cesspit,the people on America have borrowed themselves into a cesspit,The baks have defrauded the world out of 57 Trillion dollars so far with another $130 trillion left to unfold.
Ron Paul had the only solution and he was laughed at. Obama is your last President before the guilded age of Canadian money and resources.And Finally the Canadian Monetary unit will be unleashed to it's full potential some 3 or 4 times it's current value.
or = to 7 American dollars.
DO not fear Obama is bringing change, trust him,he has the authority to change your laws to the British system and revert you back into the fold.Of course there is always the third world system if you refuse,The Mexican gangs now roaming America will show you how to live in the third world if you Do not fancy the connected system.Your Canadian friends love you, come to the light and out of the dark side,Resistance is futile.

not anonymous said...

part 2

Americans have lived a life in a fairy land
their history is all apologists
their money monopoly money
their culture make believe
where are your big monuments to the future like the Pyramids.none
why is your banking system ranked 29th in the world while Canada's banking system is ranked 1st place?
Gangsters have run America since they butchered JFK along time ago.
and Gangsters sooner or later screw it all up and get caught in their own web of lies.

In 2009 all SS and SA checks will fail.
and you will slide into Famine pestilence and crime.
when 2010 comes around those that
take a patriots stand will die for a country that was never ever theirs and never ever was free.
the revolutionary war of 1776 was lost.the war of 1812 started by congress asserting that the constitution was god given and not god as in the Throne.
the British marched on congress burnt it to the ground gutted the politicians and the army. then retreated to Canada your army came after them and they were slauters on the Canadian border by the Black watch with bagpipes blowing Amazing grace.
your civil war started by a British Canadian armed force called the abolitionists riding into Harpers Ferry.
which instigated the slaughter of your people .
the war you fought was about States rights. The british said no to states rights and yes to the FED
in 1863 the FED was reinstated.
in 1863 Lincoln proclaimed
"Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow" 1863 was the same year the FED was installed again in America.
the American legal definition of USA is "not a nation a sovereign corporation".
Those that fail to see their real history who are only taught the apologists views will always be entrapped in a fairyland.

"Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow" Abraham Lincoln

The FED and IRS are above American laws and as a result dictate to you
what is real and what is not real.
USA is a mere corporation they own you your body.
the Constitution lost in the civil war States rights fell.
it was not about slavery and the constitution was never the law it was only meant to serve to enslave you.
for if it was the law there would not have been slaves past 1776
the fed would never have existed
the Union stole the battle humm or the republic from a song called
John browns body,and the theme of freedom was also stolen from the Canadian abolitionists.
Education is your best hope to understanding your plight
you will enter the North American Union. and most likely remain a corporation and the FED will most likely remain in some form you will not print money those days are over you are not a responsible enough people to be allowed to ever control money ever again.
a failure as a nation.
Racism still exists open violence in the streets still exists
your destiny is sealed your fate is written in stone and your last hope was Ron Paul and you could not even get that right.
David from Canada
peace be with you good neighbor
move to the light at the end of the tunnel.

not anonymous said...

will the UN move to Montreal as our ranter proclaims?