Monday, November 26, 2007

A cracking week for Coincidence Theorists™ who don't ask too many questions

Unless you’re one of those insane Coincidence Theorists™ it is becoming increasingly hard to believe that we in the UK are not witnessing some kind of deliberate, controlled demolition of our current government

And today’s entirely coincidentally occurring disaster for our governing political party, in a seemingly endless chain of coincidentally occurring disasters, is the resignation of the Labour Party general secretary, Peter Watt

Apparently, he saw nothing illegal in someone circumventing political donation disclosure laws by making political donations in someone else’s name

Now the thing is, whilst it is admittedly early days for the mainstream media’s coverage of this particular scandal, it is already pretty clear that there are a couple of questions our corporate press have little appetite for asking...

  • Why did the donor in question, David Abrahams, wish to hide his identity?

David Abrahams

  • What was he after and did he get it? (I suspect that establishment of a UK Sharia State can be safely struck off the list of possible answers)

Father Abraham

... speaking for myself, I won’t be holding my breath waiting for someone in the mainstream to start asking those questions

Colonel Abrams



Anonymous said...

Coincidence to consider ... just exactly how did this story break?

Anyone know?

Stef said...

entirely coincidentally and outside of the control of any human agency

Anonymous said...

there's still no satisfactory answer to What is Watergate? ...

Stef said...

well quite

though I have seen some amusing suggested answers which haven't made the mainstream press