Monday, April 23, 2007

A (Drug) Tourist's Guide to Lambeth

A slight update to an earlier post which included a rubbish picture of the Archbishop of Canterbury personally apologising for slavery in Kennington Park a few weeks ago…

One thing I neglected to mention was that the Bish was making his apology whilst standing in front of the
largest crack house in Europe.

OK, it not actually in the picture. It's hidden behind the blue tent on the right. Here’s the view from the other side…

"Scores of "drug tourists" from all over the capital flocked to the temple, at the hub of an area which has seen several recent drug-related murders"

That's not one of my pictures as there is still a police cordon around the place, over a week since it was raided.

Stef's Living With Junkies Tip #17 - One of the delights of living near to a large crack house is regularly finding junkies shooting up, sniffing up or lighting up whilst sitting behind your dustbin at all hours of the day. I've tried a variety of pest-control remedies over the years and I've found that it's best to treat them like unwanted cats and pour a bucket of cold water on their crack-addled heads.

Sadly, I was still in Italy at the time of the raid and missed the chance to witness 250 police storming the building, tossing stun grenades on the way in.

"Up to six hundred customers a day…"

Well, that’s definitely being added to the little walking tour I give to friends and family to show off my neighbourhood

And if our government ever shows enough vision to legalise and promote Super Crack Houses along with the new Super Casinos I think we here in Lambeth could put together an absolutely superb bid.

Failing that, I reckon a new Kennington-based TV series called Celebrity Crack Den would capture the 2007 London zeitgeist perfectly



The Antagonist said...

"Rasta temple drugs trial collapses after defence solicitor found to have complained about building"

Could the so-called criminal justice system be any more of a mockery?

Tom said...

Is it really more important to lay charges over deals of weed than the cocaine or the ammunition?

Stef said...

well quite

Anonymous said...

"Could the so-called criminal justice system be any more of a mockery?"

Errr, this is an example of the justice system working properly. It's supposed to be fair; if it isn't fair it isn't lawful.

Recall the phrase, not only justice be done but it must be seen to be done?

See R v Sussex JJ, ex p McCarthy [1924].