Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back in Town pt1

Home again after a very agreeable couple of weeks spent in the land of my forefathers eating pasta, drinking homebrew and photographing daisies

and trees

and old houses

As well enjoying all this for its own sake, it is also a useful, if somewhat extreme, reminder that there are plenty of places out there where people simply don't care about the the kind of issues that concern someone like me living in a place like London. And why should they care? (rhetorical question)

I envy them

Well, sort of...



Apprentice said...

Nobody gives a toss where I live, either. Rural backwaters everywhere are the same, I reckon. Lovely.

Except when people call women a lady, or worse still, girls, and 'coloured people' is the right epithet for anybody non white all day and there are turf wars between minor villages and the men cry on the metro system when their football team looses, but never, ever at any other.

War on trrrr? What's that?

Apprentice said...

Good to see you home and posting again. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Stef.
We must go for another meander with Syl - possibly pick up some beigel/bagels...

Wolfie said...

Great photos Stef, it looks so idyllic. I've been contemplating a little "down shifting" myself lately.

paul said...

I live in the pulsating political and financial capital of jockistan, and practically no-one gives a fuck about these things here either.

Stef said...


lol - it's exactly the same where I've just been and I really mean exactly


Any time...


Now would seem to be rather a good time to toy with a down-shifting plan - I certainly am


All in good time - the next couple of years look set to be interesting ones in all sorts of ways. Even better if you've f^cked off to some backwater of a country that isn't waging a war on terror and hasn't mortgaged itself to the eyebrows