Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not so clever Trevor pt2

There’s one curious aspect of the domestic Islamic terror threat that a few of us out here can’t help noticing.

And that is, even though we are repeatedly told that there are countless thousands of Islamic nutcases preaching for and organising Holy Jihad across the country, the television and newspapers only report the antics of the same handful of people.

This small group of people also seem to have an uncanny ability to turn up at public meetings and make complete tits of themselves, and by implication all British Muslims, in front of TV cameras precisely at times that are extremely convenient to our present government’s agenda.

The fact that this small group includes several recent converts to Islam is, I’m sure, entirely coincidental.

Now the problem for our government is this…

If you’ve only got a handful of assorted nutcases and possible spooks out there giving a face and a voice to the bullcrap that is the domestic War on Terror how do you best manage such a scarce resource?

You want them out there talking the kind of hate that scares everyone but on the other hand if they do talk that kind of hate sooner or later you really are obliged to arrest them

And if you do arrest them it is not as if there are thousands of other people out there who could take their place as the face of British Islamic extremism.

And so we are treated to the farce of our government, police and newspapers using the antics of an ever-diminishing number of people to justify claims such as we are facing a threat greater than that presented by Nazi Germany in WW2.

Yup, that's what the head of the Metropolitan Police said, with a perfectly straight face, a few months ago.

For fuck’s sake…

So much for British unflappability and the stiff-upper lip.

Let's all just piss ourselves instead

I mention all this because the police have just pulled Trevor Brooks, one of last of the small number of Islamic nutcases and shills still out there.

By my reckoning the Establishment is now having to collar the extremely limited supply of British-based 'Islamofascists' faster than it can find them.

So who are they going to put on
Newsnight from now on?


PS the pictures used in this post were taken from the quite unaccountably excellent Monkey Dust – which ran to three series before a) its producer died, and probably more significantly b) the 7/7 bombings happened.

Series’ Two and Three heavily featured the antics of two incompetent Jihadist terrorists from the West Midlands and their dubious controller ‘Omar’. All of which proved far too near to the knuckle in the wake of 7/7 and the Official Narrative of what happened that day. A sample clip of Abdul and Shafiq’s adventures can be found on GooTube here

Unsurprisingly, Series Two and Series Three of Monkey Dust have yet to be released on DVD by the BBC
(their availability as torrents is an entirely different story). The surprising thing is that the Beeb actually broadcast the series in the first place.



de said...

Monkey Dust has been another beneficiary of the "cartoons are for kids£ thinking that allows it to be relatively unmolested by the censor.

The last obvious example of this was when Brass Eye was shat over for their paedophile episode, in the same week as South Park let Cartman join NAMBLA.

paul said...

They all seem to converts or well travelled or ex squaddies. A profile which should make our super plods' lives considerably easier.

Of course, maybe they're waiting to be led to the really big fish, a la the spectacularly successful war on drugs. (latest score drugs 2000000 - warriors 0)

Stef said...

ah yes, the National Association of Marlon Brando Look-Alikes. A fine body of men.

And let's not forget that South Park also portrayed the Prophet years before anyone in Denmark did...


without anyone noticing or burning anything

Cartoons Rool...