Saturday, April 28, 2007

In the long run ...we’re all dead

Spare a thought for the lonely Killer Asteroid

Ten years ago it ruled supreme.

It killed the dinosaurs and it was, almost certainly, going to kill all of us – provided we waited around long enough...

But now, faced by unrelenting competitive pressure from the Global War on Terror, Global Warming and Excessive Global Toilet Paper Consumption, the poor old Killer Asteroid barely gets a mention these days.

Sheryl Crow's personal comfort station - for other insights into Ms Crow's carbon-neutral and hypocrisy-positive lifestyle see here

As well as no longer being the scariest thing in our future, the killer asteroid is no longer even the scariest thing in our past. The grant money and the newspaper space is all in Climate Change these days. So, if your going to do research into past global cataclysms you’d better make fucking sure that there’s a Global Warming angle in it somewhere.

Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck doing their bit to save the planet by dressing up as recycling sacks

But Mr Global Killer Asteroid hasn’t gone away. He’ll be back and he’ll get us all, probably … if we wait around long enough.



Shutter said...

I'm a trifle concerned, no evidence of a vest on Mr Willis ? Will he survive ?

Tony said...