Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Walrus and the Carpenter were walking hand in hand. If only, said the Carpenter, the Law would understand...

And in case anyone missed it, here's a link to the latest Labour Party political broadcast...

If I met Tony and Gordon

If the laws of this land offered any genuine protection to children and the feeble-minded this would never have been broadcast; featuring, as it does, scenes taken straight out of some Bizarro fantasy land where rows of government ministers sit at tables waiting for calls from the general public 'to hear what the people have to say' and a smiling Tony Blair and Gordon Brown travel around the country together in a cab like bestest-ever friends

Given everything that's happened over the last ten years, the thought that the Nu-Labour wankers behind this piece of crap could think that anyone is going to swallow it is truly baffling.

The makers also forgot one of the Universal Laws of advertising - the Three Man Rule - originally discovered by pioneers in the field of beer advertising...
  • A man on his own looks like a loser or an alcoholic
  • Two men together look a bit Gay
  • Three men together don't look like losers or gays (but, if they are all the same colour, might be mistaken for a group of racists - so include a token Black, non-threatening Bounty Bar)

I was so impressed by '
If I met Tony and Gordon' I took advantage of You Tube's 'Post a video response' option to submit a link to a video of a Walrus masturbating

'This is what the internet is for'

In hindsight, I now realise that this could be interpreted as some subtle allusion to the Lewis Caroll poem; comparing Blair and Brown to the Walrus and the Carpenter and the ordinary people of this country to the poor, exploited and eventually consumed oysters.

But no, I just thought that watching a Walrus having a wank was simply a better way to spend your time that watching Tony and Gordon

Whatever, my response was (unsurprisingly) rejected



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