Thursday, January 11, 2007


And, quick as a flash, to push the extended, intellectual self-indulgence of that last post down from the top spot - something shorter and more trivial...

We were fortunate enough to receive a couple of food parcels from New Zealand just before Christmas. And, as anyone who has spent time in NZ knows, your average Kiwi's appetite for sugar-saturated snack crap doesn't exactly fit in with that super-ecological, clean and green image the New Zealand tourist board likes to put out...

Included in one of our parcels (thanks Noel, thanks Vanessa) was a packet of Twisties -
Twisties are part of the same food group as Cheesy Wotsits (the Internet Surfer's King of Snacks) and Cheetos but, on eating, turn out to be more closely related to Cheetos than Wotsits - which is, frankly, a disappointment. Anyway, I slapped up a detailed pack shot of the Twisties onto Flickr ...and was rewarded with the best comment I've had on one of my pictures for a long time -

Hmmm, long winded intellectual self-indulgence followed by a shortish post on homosexual crisps. I'd try to figure out what they average out to and say about my personality if taken together but the results would probably scare me


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