Monday, January 08, 2007

I only buy it for the articles

The latest issue of Hustler is looking like a must-read...

It must be true. I read it in Hustler


Explosive Evidence about 9/11!


Exposed! 62 Republican Perverts

Quite a few fellow online conspiracy sadsters are hailing the Hustler 9/11 article as a major breakthrough for the 9/11 Truth movement.


Call me negative but if an article calling for a fully independent inquiry into the 7/7 bombings were published in Asian Babes or Razzle along with a feature entitled ‘Veronica shares her creamy nougat’ I’d hardly be whacking off with glee at the thought some kind of progress was being made.

There again, I
am quite partial to nougat

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The Antagonist said...

March wanking all the way to your very own pyroclastic flow. Hustler 9/11 spread here [1mb PDF].

As for the Republican thing, it's an entry requirement.