Thursday, January 11, 2007

Global Climate Warming Change Thingie

And whilst on the subject of New Zealand, thanks to Bridget for sending me a link to an article entitled...

The possibility that world temperature
might actually be falling, not rising, shouldn't come as a surprise, as evidenced by the fact that the slippery fuckers behind the current global enviro-scam have quietly taken to referring to 'Climate Change' rather than 'Global Warming' over the last couple of years.

That's not to say spunking resources away is a good thing - waste is waste - but it's plenty cause to mistrust the claims and motivations of those who would impose their Will on the rest of us using fear as their primary tool. Any similarities in technique with the bullshit that is the War on Terror are, I'm sure, entirely coincidental.

And to illustrate this post a sequence of two pictures I've just found of my old mate Alan waking up in a frozen bivvy bag in a car park in Snowdonia many moons ago.

Established Alan fans will note how his obvious distress at waking up encased in ice soon passed once an appropriate dose of budget Cola and a couple of Bensons had been administered...


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Ian said...

The top picture of Alan could almost be a Robert Capa picture from the Spanish Civil War....the only thing you were battling against in Snowdonia though was rough looking Welsh birds probably.