Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Joys of Lambeth pt225

News of the first fatal stabbing of the month in my area still trickling in…

A man who stabbed a woman to death in a "frenzied" attack as she walked to work is being hunted by police.

The 55-year-old victim was attacked in Wickham Street, Kennington, south-east London, on Tuesday morning.

A witness saw her fall into the road after a struggle with a man, who then repeatedly stabbed her.

I particularly enjoyed the line

One local resident claimed there had been another serious stabbing close to the murder scene a week ago, when a friend of his had been stabbed in the face by a man of similar description

Ah well, I guess all our police are busy dealing with more important, scarier, more liquid things. I, for one, am a lot more afraid of exploding hair gel and ricin-coated tooth brushes than having a knife wielding psychopath wandering outside in my neighbourhood somewhere.

And is it really only a couple of weeks since Sir Ian Blair gave that interview? …

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has said parts of London are returning to an era of neighbourliness and low crime. He said residents in Haringey, north London, are now happy to leave their front doors open and unlocked. Sir Ian said community-based Safer Neighbourhood Teams were making people feel as safe as they did 25 years ago. He also likened neighbourhood police team leaders to "the sheriff" who dealt with matters in their area

A quick recap on Sir Ian Blair's take on the state of law and order in London...

Be very, very scared of hordes of terrorists. Don't be worried about the knife-wielding crack-fuelled psychopaths

What are the chances of one country having two completely useless, yet apparently unstoppable, fantasist pricks in charge of key aspects of our security both with the same surname?

Maybe I’ll pass on popping out to the local convenience store for that pint of milk tonight. No, not the one that was firebombed with two blokes inside it a few months ago, the other one.

Not the crime scene in question as there's no f^cking way I'm
wandering around there tonight

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Shahid said...

Who was the killer then, one of the cops free after killing JCDM?