Friday, September 01, 2006

Keith Olbermann is annoyed

Some videos to share

John the Revelator

When someone first sent me the link to this unauthorised video of a Depeche Mode song I thought it would be a cover of the Son House track of the same name only more, er, German. How wrong I was. The classic Depeche Mode leather-clad scheisse porn vibe we’ve all come to love is there sure enough but they’ve also come up with some new lyrics… and a new tune.

So it’s not really the same at all

Of course the biggest problem with any anti-Bush, or anti-Blair, activism like this video is that it helps feed the lie that Bush, or Blair, are individually the cause of all the World's woes. A lot of Labour party supporters are currently kidding themselves for example that everything will be just fucking peachy once Blair is removed.

If only things were that simple.

Keith Olbermann

A clip of MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann explaining point by point why he thinks Rumsfeld, Bush et al are Nazi scum. As with much of Olbermann’s recent output most of what he says applies to the UK as much as the US.

I know a lot of Americans labour under the belief that the media here in the UK is a lot freer and more informed than in the States. As a general rule of thumb that may be true but we have no-one, but no-one, saying the kind of things Olbermann is saying in the US, albeit to a small audience, over here in the UK.

George Carlin is also fairly annoyed - can you tell?

And the number of mainstream British comedians delivering material like Carlin's is ...?

That's right

Fuck all


and of lesser social import…

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