Sunday, September 24, 2006

Video Schmideo pt1

I remember the days when this blog wasn’t almost exclusively devoted to posts about the War on Terror, the 'New Normal', hate, fear and death, stuff like that.

Maybe one day, I’ll get back to writing about how much I adore Richard Dawkins or how British Currency used to work before decimalization or how much smaller KFC Chicken Fillet burgers look in real life than in the ads.

But not today

A few days back I posted a plug for a new video about the gaps and inconsistencies in the Official Account of 7/7.

Reaction to the video can be roughly grouped under three headings
  • People who loved it
  • People who hated it
  • At least two people who are not too sure what to make of it. That would be me and someone else

Scepticism can, and I would argue, should cut both ways. It’s all very well and good doubting and questioning material that doesn’t fit in your worldview. That’s easy. The tricky part is not swallowing stuff just because it appears to agree with your take on things. Most commercial rat poison is c.1% poison, 99% filler. Most mousetraps are baited with jibneh.

As stated before, my issue with Ludicrous Diversion is that it emphasises just how big and powerful the Establishment (for want of a better word) is. Whereas the truth is quite the reverse. There’s only a handful of Them and an awful lot of Us. That’s why they have to tell pork pies so often.

The real problem lies with the bulk of ‘Us’ who are either too brainwashed or too busy paying their mortgages to spend much time on ‘political’ issues unless they are directly and personally involved with them.

By which time, of course, it is too late.

The issue in question doesn’t have to be Civil Liberty or War on Terror related. Take a bread and butter subject like personal debt, money supply and that big motherloving housing crunch that’s going to happen sooner or later. Bankers and politicians have been lining us all for a damned good rogering for years now. Is the average Joe on the street as concerned about what is probably going to happen as he should be?

Bollocks is he.

There’s a character called Alex Jones over in the US who has made a pile of videos in the style of Ludicrous Diversion, all of which are targeted at people who are concerned about some of the bigger issues and are actively seeking out an alternative account of what is going on in the world. They get that. They also get told that there’s biff all they can do about it.

I refer to stuff like Alex Jones’ work as ‘fear porn’. You watch but you don’t do.

That’s pretty much all bases covered. The bulk of people aren’t interested and read tabloids, and of those who are interested most are given disinformation handjobs in the ‘serious’ press and the handful who are left over are reminded via the Internet that they are powerless.


Having said all that Ludicrous Diversion does present many of the key questions about 7/7 and is well produced, so I’m happy to refer people to it – with a couple of caveats.

So, no, I don’t hate it. Far from it.

Of the people who hated Ludicrous Diversion enough to leave a comment about it on Google Video I particularly enjoyed a contribution made by someone calling him/herself July 7 survivor. Connoisseurs of Internet shills and on-line Lobbyists will spot many old favourite ruses here…

Ludicrous Diversion is indeed a good term. I am complaining about this to the site owners. There are so many mistakes in this I can't even start to list them. This is an insult to the dead.

This is full of lies - and distortions. The last thing we need is for people to deny that suicide bombing exists in the UK. It is a disgrace that this bull sh*t should be pedalled.

What a c^nt. I’m not sure if invoking the memory of the dead or the line ‘there are so many mistakes in this I can’t even start to list them’ is my favourite. I’ll call it a tie.

My second favourite comment came from someone who is no stranger to Internet discussions about 7/7…

Oh God, more conspiracy theory videos. If we had an independent inquiry into tje 7/7 bombings all this hysterical nonsense wouldn't fly around the internet. Conspiracy theorist - someone who disbelives everything they watch on the news but mysteriously believe everything they find on the internet.

Give me strength. I can see that this has upset someone who was there, I wouldn't go so far as to say it should be banned, though. Leave it & laugh.

I'll refrain from insulting this person because that's their game. I will, however, point out that they are plain wrong in their assertion.

I probably qualify as a conspiracy theorist.

However, I do not mysteriously believe everything I find on the Internet; especially confession videos from dead, CIA-funded terrorist leaders

or one of their seemingly countless 'Number Twos'

And I do believe much of what I read in the newspapers; especially any stories about dead, CIA-funded terrorist leaders wanting to kidnap and marry Whitney Houston

… as found on a bench in, of all places, Finsbury Park underground station on 11th September. Full story here …

I believe every word of it


Apprentice said...

Good grief.

Every time I remember about the newspapers, on one of those infrequent and tentative forays into a supermarket with my ma, I'm scanning the front pages through those perspex displays, and it all looks pretty much horrifying. Whitney/Osama? What?

You and Postman Patel are all the uhm, 'news' I need. Thanks, man.

Just blogrolled you again, Stef. Trying to revitalise my own interest in the photoblog at in the wake of my descent into photography degree mania/mayhem.

Bridget Dunne said...

Hi Stef

You're still not convinced are you!

This comment on the video made me laugh:

Absolute junk - Tony Blair and the Head of the Metropolitan police always tell the truth and if there was a 7/7 conspiracy the Murdoch owned press would have told us about it. And the only Internet videos anyone should believe are Bin Laden confession tapes. PS I am insane

Ludicrous Diversion does point to what we can all do to demand the release of the evidence to support the government's narrative as opposed to AJ's 'apathy of fear'.

Stef said...

Hi Bridget

Damn - and I thought I did such a good job of masking my ID in that comment section

The LD video is ahead of AJ's stuff, no argument there and, whether I'm 100% convinced or not, I would point people to it as the best 7/7 'primer' video currently on offer

But there really has been a tremendous amount of 'apathy of fear' material put out since 9/11 and, yes, that has left me more suspicious than is probably healthy

Stef said...

@ apprentice isn't working for me - does that mean Operation Revitalise My Own Interest has hit an obstacle?