Monday, September 11, 2006

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Every man and his dog is writing about 9/11 today so I’ll pass on that one. This piece on the Rense site sums up my feelings on the subject pretty well anyway...

911 – A Modern Fairy Tale

This, by no means, constitutes an endorsement of Rense’s site BTW. Sites like his do an excellent job of conflating serious political ‘truth seeking’ with moonbat nonsense about space aliens and remote viewing. Whether by accident or design, that kind of behaviour serves the ends of only one group of people I can think of, and I’m not part of it.

They hate us for our freedoms

Fortunately, in spite of 9/11,7/7 et al, our leaders have managed to prevent Islamic Terrorists from changing our sacred way of life because they hate it so

well, mostly

Dave Gorman, King of London-based Rock Balancers, has shared a little story via Flickr about how he was stopped and questioned under anti terror legislation whilst taking pictures of Battersea Power Station.

Well, he could have been planning an attack on an uninhabited building site and, let’s face it, pictures of Battersea Power station are pretty hard to come by

I can’t wait to hear about what happens to the person behind this blog…

Little People Blogspot

… on their first contact with the police

Policeman:Excuse me sir, can I ask you what you’re doing?’

LPB person: ‘Taking pictures of tiny little plastic people acting out scenes of London life in public places’

Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that one

Um, what other Freedom!!! related links are there lurking on my desktop …

Oh yes

The Young Explorer’s Biometric Recognition Set – because it’s fun to be scanned

'The Young Explorer's Full Body Cavity Search Kit' can only be just around the corner, so to speak.


Air passengers could have their conversations and movements monitored as work intensifies to design the terrorist-proof aeroplane

After all, just because something is impossible there’s no harm in spunking away millions and establishing police state style surveillence trying to make it happen.

Is there?

Nor is there any harm in the State Broadcasting Service censoring and editing people’s comment in the ‘Have Your Say’ section of its website


Actually, it is kind of fun seeing what the unseen censors decide to take out.

The headline that never was

Can you just imagine the anguish in newspaper offices up and down the land when faced by the temptations presented by the victim's name in this undeniably tragic news story

Boy ‘executed’ in city shooting

Someone’s bound to crack eventually


Without going into the full back story now, I for one am not entirely convinced by the global warming thing and detect a far from subtle stench of globalist manipulation behind the entire climate change circus. I can still remember back to the late 1970s and early 1980s when the same types who are pushing the pollution and global warming story were farting on about resource depletion and global cooling. Only this time round they’ve got some serious backing.

World climate does change, sure enough, it always has, but my money is on global cooling in the near future and unless we can figure out a way to control the heat output of the Sun or change the Earth’s orbit there’s fuck all we can do about it…

Russian Scientists Forecast Global Cooling in 6–9 years

We’d all be better off thinking about ways to deal with the changes that will undoubtedly happen rather than doing the Canute thing but right now there’s no money in that line of thinking so no one can be bothered.

On the bright side, I’ve just popped my postcode into the Environment Agency’s post-Katrina interactive London flood map and the good news is that if London is swamped by rising sea levels most of Lambeth will become the New Atlantis (the only difference with the old one being that no one will spend any time looking for it), leaving my flat as a desirable beach side property. Best start building that marina in my back yard now.


  • Official website of a pub with vaguely obscene name, conveniently located only five miles from Hawes, here

(connossieurs of 1970s politically incorrect schoolboy humour will note that this comes dangerously close to the classic - Lawrence Lykes, The Cockwell Inn, Tillit, Herts - that I still use regularly when signing onto mandatory on-line registration forms)

  • Harry the Hamster’s dating agency video here – not especially funny, just plain obscene (248,000+ views and counting) ... and the Scottish version

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