Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Official 7/7 timeline turns out to be bollocks – fancy that

Unfortunately, I’m way too knackered right now to properly comment on either the titanic exchange of comments between Frank O’Dwyer and various members of July 7th Truth a couple of posts back OR this surprising snippet of 7/7 related news-

The home secretary has asked police to explain why a mistake was made in the government's version of what happened on the day of the London bombings

Postman Patel has blogged the news with a couple of links and comments that I don't feel any need to repeat.

The surprising part for me is not that the Official 7/7 narrative contains at least one ‘mistake’, I’ve known about that since it was published. The surprising part is that the Home Secretary and Police have felt obliged to acknowledge it. And obliged must surely be the word. Unless you feel comfortable believing that after what must have been one of the largest investigations in British criminal history it took the police 12 months to find out which train the 7/7 bombers took into London. Yesterday was the first time that there has been any hint from official sources that the train we've been repeatedly told carried the bombers didn't actually run.

A few hazy thoughts snatched from the jaws of extreme sleep deprivation…

  • Congratulations (again) and a concerned citizen's thanks to Bridget Dunne for tirelessly pushing this issue. As far as I can tell she tried just about every conventional option available – writing to police, politicians, public servants, filing press complaints and getting comprehensively blown off by all of them. Chalk this up as a success for the ordinary person and the Internet.

  • If anyone thinks that this is the end of the matter, think again. Even with a revised train time, the official account of 7/7 is still largely unsupported by anything approximating to hard evidence and whiffs something awful

  • And bear in mind, ahead of any attempts to rationalise the ‘revised’ train time, that the four 7/7 bombers were supposedly packing rucksacks filled with TATP – The Highly Tetchy Mother of Satan - on a summer’s day and were unlikely to be sprinting anywhere. Now if they were packing military explosives, like we were first told, they’d be no such concerns. But military explosives are, of course, conspicuously traceable

  • Can we please have an independent fucking inquiry into 7/7 now?

and PS, if you read this Frank thanks for that engaging with the July 7th Truth folks over the weekend. As limp as it may sound, critical but constructive dialogue warms my heart it does


Bridget Dunne said...

Thanks Stef

and do I detect a slightly more hopeful tone?

Who'd have thunk it? Reid has actually had to stand up in the House and admit the narrative is flawed!

Power To The People an' all that.

ps I hope all's well over in Barnet

The Antagonist said...

Ditto to Bridget's post-script.

In relation to the Home Office, the words 'not fit for purpose' once again spring to mind.

Everyone could be saved a lot of time, money and effort if the government and the authorities just RELEASE THE EVIDENCE that supports the Official Report.

There is also the small matter of the Inquiries Act 2005. Unless this act is repealed - in line with the calls from Amnesty International, the Law Society of England and Wales and, more recently, the July 7th Truth Campaign - when the government finally caves in to the demands for a 7/7 inquiry, judges will still be observing the inquiry boycott that resulted from the murder of Patrick Finucane almost two decades ago.

An independent public inquiry into the murder of Mr Finucane was called for in April 2004 by Canadian judge, Peter Cory. His calls followed a three year investigation into state complicity and collusion in the killing.

Kier said...

Ditto what the other two said!

Also to add, Frank O'Dwyer's comments were very helpful. I think we might make some adjustments to how the material is presented, especially Mind the Gaps. If you read this, thanks for your thoughts and time, Frank.

Anonymous said...

Thought the following may be of interest:-

"July 13, 2006 -- According to State Department sources, a meeting of top U.S. Defense Department psychological operations (PSYOPs) officials had been taking place at the Georgetown home in front of which British neo-conservative activist Alan Senitt was brutally murdered early in the morning of July 9. Senitt and a female companion were reportedly retrieving something from the trunk of their car when they were attacked. Four assailants, all residents of Washington, DC, were arrested in connection with the Senitt murder. Senitt's throat was slit in the incident. The home where the PSYOPs meeting took place was located near the corner of Q Street and 31st Street in an otherwise quiet neighborhood in the wealthy Georgetown area of Washington." From more of Sennit here

Frank O'Dwyer said...

Thanks Stef and of course I take the credit for the govt climbdown.

Obviously they thought if I believed it then anyone might :-)

P.S. I'm sorry to hear about the bad news you've had. I doubt anything I could say would help much, but keep passing the open windows.