Saturday, July 08, 2006

Second dodgiest tape off the Internet of the week

I got home late last night after a very difficult day dealing with the fallout from some very bad news about someone very close to me.

So, in spite of my single-tracked blogging mind of late, the actual anniversary of 7/7 passed me right by

I did, however, notice a fair bit more space than usual on the Tube this morning.

Anyway, I was just spending a few minutes catching up on the day's news before going to bed when I came across a couple of articles describing a tape aired by the BBC yesterday .

Ominously echoing the message of the Shehzad Tanweer video from a couple of days back, the spokesman on the tape told us that there were numerous other active Islamic terror cells within the UK, that sooner or later they would overwhelm our security forces and that another successful terror attack on London is virtually inevitable

The person speaking on the tape was, of course, Sir Ian Blair, Head of the Metropolitan Police

Maybe I'm being old-fashioned here but isn't it the terrorists' job, not the police chief's, to try and get us all to shit our pants?

So, what have we learned about our government and security forces’ approved national strategy for defeating the threat of Islamic terrorism this week?

  1. We should all be very afraid
  2. We should trust both Blairs, Ian and Tony, implicitly and let them do whatever they believe to be necessary to save us from annihilation, without any scrutiny or complaint
  3. We should all be very afraid some more
  4. Anybody who has an issue with the balls up in Iraq is nursing a false sense of grievance and should be considered a supporter of terrorism
  5. and… garnish with a fresh sprig of even more delicious fear

Yup, the Blitz Spirit is clearly alive and well and if we stick with Tony and Ian we’ll all be frying bacon sarnies in Tehran by Christmas.

Which is great news as I could swear they didn’t know what the fuck they were doing.


The Antagonist said...
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jackenstein of all trades said...

Alway sorry too.


It's 3am of the clock (again) and so i'll just sling these links at you without checking to see if you've mentioned them somewhere else. Worth a read.

1. Blair laid bare: the article that may get you arrested - from the Independent last month.

2. Freedom Of Speech Does Not Extend To Criticising The Police - from Londonist a few das later, about getting swarmed by the bill and fined 80 quid for dissing the metal detectors on the tube.

jackenstein of all trades said...

In other news...
PLANS for a £1 billion merger of police forces across England and Wales have collapsed, The Times has learnt. John Reid, the Home Secretary, is expected to announce the decision tomorrow.

The move marks the end of the biggest police reform for 40 years, which was intended to address concerns that smaller forces could not cope with counter-terrorism and high-profile investigations, such as the Soham murders.

The Antagonist said...

Home Secretary, Dr John Reid, admitted yesterday that the Official Report of the London Bombings is wrong, before going on to rewrite history without missing a beat. [updates here]

Ananova runs with confirmation from Scotland Yard that the Home Office didn't get the wrong train time from them, or even any train time at all.

Daniel said...

Why does Ian Blair look like Cobra Commander without his mask on properly in that photo ? :/

Anonymous said...

Hello My Name is Phil Pearlman of Phil Pearlman Ministries International. You need to do your homework better! I am not related to the Phil Pearlman who was a rock musician in the 60's, and do not have any sons named Adam Gadahn. Please refrain from using my good name and the ministries I am involved in as if I am the same person.

Thank you!

Stef said...

edit: I've just removed Antogonist's original comment from the top of this thread for the reason's given in the previous comment

The comment read (with offending link removed)...

Sorry to hear about your bad news, Stef.

In relation to the rest of your post.... Make way for the Jesus freaks, 'cos they're never that far away.... Just when you thought fate had run out white converts to Islam, with a little hellfire in their bellies, bent on giving Islam a really bad name, along comes another. This time round, it's Al Qa'ida's video man with the impeccable timing.

Adam Gadahn. The child of a Catholic mother and a Jewish father. Wave your flags in the air like you just don't care.

All together now, it's only subliminal if you don't notice it....

Even though I have edited the comment, observations about the exceptionally dodgy Adam Gadahn still stand...#