Saturday, July 29, 2006

Luring the Messiah Earthwards with fresh-baked pizza

And the prize for the for the most bizarre Internet site I’ve visited this week whilst reading about the attack on Lebanon must go to…


And its sister site


‘We drive our van right up to the soldiers!’

(There just has to be some scope for a British version – - )

The selection of ‘inspiring messages’ that have accompanied orders from PizzaIDF makes for fascinating reading -

“I hope that the pizzas (hopefully, they are tasty) provide you with a little extra energy and strength when you return to the battlefield and destroy the brutal terrorist enemy.”

“you are the Guardian Angels of Western Tradition and of Light,against the Islamics,the Warriors of the Darkness!! You are the hope of our planet...”

“our tefilot are with you every day, and I pray that hashem should watch over all of you. hasehem should guide you to totally destroy the children of yishmael & esav, and we should see the coming of mashiach now with the rebuilding of the bait hamikdash. our love and prayers are with all of you.”

Truly inspiring and not insane at all.

Now I don’t believe for a minute that the bulk of ordinary Jews around the world have the ‘total destruction of the children of yishmael & esav’ at the top of their personal todo lists but there again nor do I believe that the majority of Muslims hate me for my freedoms.

What I do believe is that bombing the crap out of people isn’t going to solve anything; with or without a side order of garlic bread.


Wolfie said...

Er, quite the opposite Stef. It provides the ideal fertile breeding-ground for more "terrorists".

In '82 the IDF were fighting the PLO (secular nationalists) and it created Hezbollah (Islamic non-state actor force).

In '06 the IDF goes in against Hezbollah, what will it create? (my guess flesh-eating kamikaze cyborgs from the future, or worse)

Stef said...

\ invests heavily in pizza futures